At my second gig I realize that the people at this location have restless souls and that the type of energy that is put out may attract extra physical beings craving the same type of energy that is put out. I sat at the desk in medication room. No one was coming and when I sit doing nothing I get bored and eventually I will end up in a relaxed state.

When I got in between the sleep and wake state; it was when I heard someone or something come into the room. It was a dark shadow figure then the figure took the form of a person. It was a female. She came close up to me standing directly in front of me. She was so close that I had to push her back because she was invading my personal space. Yet the figure did not have a face. I told her that she have to move back because she is too close to me.

She moved back to the other side of the desk. Then she changed form again and now I could see that she has a face. I did not recognize the face as anyone that I would know. Then the thought came to me that someone is in the med room that a physical person is coming into the room.

I snapped myself out of the in between sleep and awake state. There was no one at the door and no one in the room. I should remind myself that just because I see entities in the in between state that physically no one is around.

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