Background Check

After finishing a phone call to my girl NP I was thinking about a few things she said about living together while laying down before falling into the sleep state. While in the sleep state I dreamed that I was getting married to one of my fellow gov’t bureaucrat. The person in question was ES someone I would have liked to spend some time with. It is ironic that the representing female figure in the dream was ES.

I saw that we were married and that I left my apartment to live with her and her son in a NYC housing project. She invited her family to come and meet me. It was important for me to meet her father who is a high ranking Police official in North Carolina. Out of respect for his daughter he did not run a background check on me. We hit it off and he gave the blessing for the marriage. Then I saw that I created a friendship with her son by playing board games with him. Her son never engaged in playing family board games before; now that he is playing board games with me he is enjoying it.  I became a kind of surrogate father to him. 

Then NP contacted me and made a business proposition which I decided to take. The proposition was about buying houses, fixing them up and flipping them for a profit. I had a bank account where the money to finance the business would be deposited.

There was couple of flips then one day when I was talking to NP on the phone when ES the wife picked up the phone extension; she only heard NP’s voice and became jealous. At that point the wife called her father to do a background check.

The background check came back clean; now in her eyes I’m legit. However during the back ground check my bank accounts were frozen. The wife’s son found out what she done.   He was not happy with his mother. He said that he is moving out her house.  It looked like the wife started to regret her actions and showed some type of remorse. 

I found out that her father’s reasons why he did the back ground check. It was because a check I wrote bounced and a house flipping deal could not be done because of the bounced check. I was pissed and threatened to leave the wife because she did not trust me. But since she showed some remorse I gave her another chance.  

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