Hit By A Bus

It was 30 minutes before my Judo instruction when I parked my car a couple of feet from the dojo. Since there was enough time I took a little nap to replenish some energy after a day at the gov’t office where I earn my keep as a gov’t bureaucrat. It didn’t feel like I was asleep once my eyes closed images just popped up.

 I was in my car on the block where I live. The stop light turned green and I was about to make a right turn. When I turned the corner I made a sudden stop because there were too ladies crossing the street and I almost hit them. With the car stopped I had the window down and started to have some sort of conversation with the women. I cannot recall what the conversation was about, but when we finished talking and the women continued crossing over to the other side of the street they got hit by a bus.

When the women got hit by the bus the two women turned into one woman. She was dragged by the bus for a few feet. When the bus came to a stop the woman was pinned underneath it, and I could see a pool of blood. I think the woman did not survive. A crowd of people rushed to the scene of the accident to see what happened. The crowd organized and started to lift the bus off the woman.

At this point I couldn’t care less as to what was going on. I wanted to go on my merry way. I completed my turn around the corner and started to drive away. Then I heard the woman call out my name. I didn’t know how she called out my name when she is dead. I stopped the car and got out and walked back to see if the woman was still alive.

 Sure enough the blood trail was there and the woman was still trapped and she looked dead. The crowd was still trying to lift the bus off her; so I went and assisted them adding my strength to the effort. Slowly the bus was lifted of the women. But when the bus was lifted and the crowd saw the woman’s mutilated body the bus was lowered back down on the dead woman.

The scene shifted and I was back in my car driving along when I came to a constructions site. It was two lanes; one lane with cars going one way and the other lane with cars going the opposite direction. I stopped at the entrance and was waiting for the flag man to flag me through. …..then as sudden as I saw images when I first closed my eyes, I found myself woke…

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