I’ve noticed that the atmosphere in the environment at my second gig where I serve as a Counselor as some type of energy that I’ve never encountered before. The type of energy and the entities surrounding the mentally ill is quite interesting. I also suspect that there are external forces exerting their influence. Perhaps the mentally ill are being used a perfect Guinea pig for experiments involving extremely low frequency (ELF) and other types of electronic transmission weaponry or mind control influences. The status quo and sound minded people will dismiss a mentally ill person’s claims of being a unwilling participant, or being attacked by some sort of electronic transmission. I guess this is another topic for another time that I would shed some light on.

I’m pulling another overnight shift to make some extra money. I’m sitting at the desk. I relax and enter the in between sleep and awake state. I see a representation of the room. I see the door; since the door is cracked I hear some of the clients coming for their meds and to be counseled. In the door’s crack I see the shadow of someone that’s going to push the door open. I wake myself up because I don’t want anyone to come into the room and see me in state. Then it darned onto me that it was part of the experience.

I drift back down, into the in between sleep and awake state and she same thing that was described above happened again. It felt so real that I thought the event was happening in real time. I said to myself I need to stop being distracted and recognize when I’m seeing a mental image.

This around time I shifted my position and put my back against the wall. It wasn’t long before I drifted down back into the in between sleep and awake state. The same duplicate image of the room came up again. But this time I did not interrupt the state when I saw the shadow of a person opening the door. Then I felt that the chair that I’m sitting in was being pushed. The chair was pushed towards the cabinet that contained the medication. It was pushed through the door and out in the hallway. The hallway looked the same as it does in real time. Then I saw some people around a couch. There was a woman who seemed to be a central figure sitting on the couch. She was wearing a hat whose berm covered her face. She raised her head so that I can see her face. It was an elongated face and the woman’s skin was whitish. Then I kicked the hat off her head. Then I was pushed past the entrance door area; the hallway was expanded. I was pushed into another office. This office did not exist in real time.  Then I was being pushed back to where I came from.

Back in my office room, there was a woman who had a child and it seems the child was having some medical issues. The child was taken from the woman and she was arrested for abuse. After that there is some confusion as to which one of them died. I got a message that there were many deaths in the psychiatric institutes…..   

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