At my second gig as a Counselor I’m in the med room I was at my desk and since things were slow it wasn’t long before I was in between the sleep and awake state.  While in this state I began to hear voices. The voices were sounded like a crowd competing for my attention.  Then I heard someone knock the office door. This confused me because there was nobody in the hallway. I go into a deeper state. I believe more to the sleep stage. This is when I started to see the images of people. They were making noise. I’m at the desk observing them doing everyday activity. Perhaps this was an imprint. But it is unlike any imprint that I know. The people took on a life of their own. It is hard to recall the exact details.

Also, while at the desk, I felt someone behind me; and another person in front of me. There was some type of power struggle between me and those entities. They were not strong, I did not fear them and I overcame the challenge. I’m out of the dream state now. I stretch, now since it was quite I found myself back in between the sleep and awake state.   

I hear the voices again. This time around I hear more voices on the other side of the door. I heard the door knock and my name being called. In the past I would wake myself up to go and open the door. But when I do wake up I realize no one is actual knocking the door and no one is calling my name.

I ignored the knocking door. After a while it stopped. Then I see a person sitting directly in front of me in a chair. I get a message (a thought) to repeal him. I decide to direct energy from my eyes to repeal this person. The person decides to challenge me. He stood up and I saw his face. The person had no eyes. His eye sockets were blank with black where his eyes were supposed to be. We dueled; I directed energy from my eyes and repealed the eyeless person. He sat back down and bowed his head.

Then two, then three people decided to rush me. I successfully repealed them also. Then I created an energy shield and directed it to my front. This repealed a group of them who were also attempting to penetrate my energy field. Then one of them that was located on my left side shouted “he is only shielding the front. The back is open.” He jumps on my back; I directed some energy on my back and he was thrown off my back like he hit a spring that pushed him backwards. Then he attempted to jump on my back again. This time I paid attention and sent some energy to throw him off like before. He said that I must defend my back properly. Then three of them attempted to jump on my back. I distributed my energy evenly around my body. I pictured it like a bell cover being placed over my head shielding my whole body. The entities could not penetrate it. Then the person who was seated in front of me attempted to attack me; and again I repealed him with a concentration of energy from my eyes. Ironically the concentration of energy did not compromise my body’s energy field.    

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