Shattered Glass

Couldn’t tell the difference whether I was having a lucid dream or an astral projection experience; sometimes the experiences are skewed.  In any event it played like a life event.

It all started in the setting of 437 Madison ave building lobby where I used to do a part time security gig at this location many moons ago.  I was there along with some other security guards. The security guards were all females. The spirit activity of the woman’s footsteps, the apparition of the handy man, the elevators operating by themselves was taking place as it did when I worked there.

I was explaining to the security guards that these activities were normal for this building, and then one decided that she wanted to ride one of the elevators. I decided not to ride the elevator with her, then I went back to the lobby area.

I got a feeling that one of the spirits was trapped in the building and for some reason could not leave it.  There was a knock on the lobby door; and one of the security guards opened it. There were no footsteps or any indication that an extra physical or spirit entity entered. The door closed back, and then all of a sudden it opened up and slammed against the other door ( it was a double door entrance). Then the whole building shock.

In this dream the building was made of glass, and as the building shook, a big plane of glass broke off and fell down to the ground, hitting somebody and killing them.  As the glass shattered when it hit the ground it sent fragments of glass in every direction making the people in the street run away to avoid being hit. But a sharp fragment of the glass managed to hit somebody else killing them. Blood was all over the placed.

Inside the building I said to the security Guard that opened the door that you must have let in an evil spirit.

The rest of this experience had something to do with traveling into another dimension and looking for some extra physical help to rein in this malevolent spirit. However, the scenery of the visited dimension and the events that took place there became too abstract to make any conscience sense of it. I’m not aware whether or how the malevolent spirit was reined in.

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