Unknown Cat

It was 1:45 am, 90 minutes before the witching hour;  I went under the bed covers because the air conditioner felt cold; I was drifting down when I heard the phone’s answer machine; I unplugged the phone because I did not want to be bothered with my girlfriend FT.  I felt the cat come from under the covers, I do not know what he was doing there, however I had the feeling that it was his regular place, so I moved him from under the covers and put him on top of the covers directly to my left side.

Once he was on top of the covers he started to scratch himself, so I shooed him off the bed. Then I felt another cat on my right side, it felt like a different cat, then I heard my brother  P come into the room and he asked why I didn’t I  answer the phone because FT was calling. I told him that FT was told not to call me during the night and that when she acts like that and keep on calling for no reason that I will not answer the phone. Since the phone was still ring P answered the phone and told FT that I was not there; and after he did that I went to the door to let the cat out of the room.

When I was done letting the cat out the room I saw that there was an almost identical cat sitting on the bed. I asked P, if he sees what I see. Then I chased this second cat out of the room. We now have two cats, and don’t know where the second cat came from. Then I noticed there was a kitten in the room. I captured the kitten, and when the kitten was in my arms, he was sticking his claws in my hand, fighting so I would let him go. Then was another kitten appeared; I captured that kitten and I had them both wrapped in a sheet. They were scratching the sheet with their claws in an effort to escape.

 I went to the room door; at this point in time P was in the closet looking for some clothes that I no longer wear to take. I said I am going to take the kittens and let them go outside. When I went to the front door, the door looked like the one on the house that we used to live during my childhood.

Once outside the block looked like the current block that I am living on, the bottom kitten stopped scratching and he started to piss.  I think it was scared, as I went to put the kitten on the ground, it started to become aggressive, which made me drop them.  When the kittens hit the ground; one kitten went one way, and the other kitten went another way.

It seemed that they were all right, because they ran away. I thought I should have taken them down in the basement and let them go in the garden area, because would have been safer for them than letting them go on the street. While I was making my way back up the stairs, I saw a group of people singing hymns coming down. I said to P close the door quickly, because they may come to try and recruit us into their religious group. The group had the same kind of operation that the Jehovah’s Witness have. However instead of coming up the stairs they stopped in front of the garage gate, then I saw the leader who resembled the former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and it seemed she floated up towards us, but I didn’t see how far she floated up because I shut the door.

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