Rodent Alert

While relaxing I could have been in between the sleep and awaken state when I saw something that looked like a rat or mice crawling on my pillow. I quickly reacted and grabbed at the tail, but I missed the rodent and it crawled under the pillow. I could feel it move around; I said to myself, that I should start making the cat come into the room to get rid of the rodents.

After that thought about letting the cat in the room was expressed, it was like I was in communication with somebody I knew;  we were involved in a group; I got the feeling it was a Jiu Jitsu group and we were e-mailing each other, when I felt somebody next to me. The person was aggressive, and then I heard something that sounded like my brother P’s voice coming from the next room. He was saying that he is leaving now, I said OK, then my attention was back to the person next to me, it was a male, and he was well developed, then I heard P’s voice again from the next room asking if I wanted the light on or off, I said the “it doesn’t make a difference,” then I saw the light go off, and  as the light went off the figure next to me started to shout some racial slurs, saying, “I don’t want to be joined to a nigger,” I took offense, and threw him off to the side the side of the bed. He got up and came at me and I made a move that I had learned in my Jiu Jitsu class and threw over the bed down onto the floor.

When he was on the floor and I was standing over him; a bottle appeared in my hand, and I started to hit him on the head with it until the bottle broke over his head. I was getting ready to stab him with the broken bottle, but there was some type of intervention.

When my arm went up, the bottle was grabbed from my arm, and the figure disappeared. I went back on the bed and sent a message, the person was no good, and that I had defeated him. After that things went back to normal.

Pondering this experience my thoughts were that when I saw the rodent on my pillow, and felt it move around inside the mattress I should have recognized that it has a cue that an OBE or Psychic experience was in progress. Given that I do not have a rodent problem. As for the voice that sounded like my brother, I’m not sure of his role in any of this, except for it was peculiar how the lights in the other room went out by itself. I’m sure there is a logical explanation.

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  1. I had a weird experience with my lights in my house once. I came downstairs in the morning and found my lounge light had been on all night and had melted the wallpaper above it (it was an uplighter and pretty close to the ceiling). I don’t use the main light, only side lights and I definitely didn’t put it on. Nor had I been downstairs in the night (to my knowledge). I live alone and all the doors were still locked and no-one appeared to have been in.

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