Adopting a wolf pup to raise has a dog has it’s challenges; yet Kevin did the just that despite being told it is not a good idea to take a wolf pup out of its habitat and treat it as though it is a pet dog.  Retrospectively it seemed that Kevin proved those who criticized his decision to raise the wolf pup wrong. There weren’t any real incidents and the wolf became a good companion, which was a good thing especially living in the boondocks where she kept the bears and coyotes at bay; and when Kevin was not at home, kept the human criminal element from burglarizing the home.

While being visited by some of his relative and friends everyone thought that they were safe. But out of the blue they saw other small wolf pups come out of their hiding place. It seem that the wolf that Kevin adopted somehow got pregnant and gave birth and under Kevin’s clueless nose. Yet, he thought nothing of it and kid of liked the little wolf pups running and playing around.   

It is a mystery why the tamed wolf would suddenly get angry at Jimmy one of his guests, and nipped him on his calf. Perhaps Jimmy was too rough with one of the pups. Feeling that Kevin would also be angry, Jimmy wasn’t forth coming as to why the tamed wolf bit him on his leg. Lucky for Jimmy, it was just a nipped, if the wolf really used a measure of strength and fully bit him on his calf he would have needed to be taken to the Hospital. The nip just broke the surface of the skin, the teeth sunk in deep, it was suggested that he go to the Hospital to at least get some antibiotics and a technic shot; Jimmy thought that the wound would heal in no time so he declined to go.  OK, this incident was brushed off; akin to how a dog shows its displeasure with its human.   

As night time fell, there was some sort of commotion going on outside among the animals in the area. A wolf pack was on the move, and the pack was closing in on the house. The guests got a bit scared; but Kevin told them not to worry, a wolf pack is on the move now and then. They would generally by pass the house’s grounds. Perhaps they respect didn’t want to interfere with my wolf’s domain.

To Kevin’s surprise when the wolf pack surrounded the house’s compound he saw that the wolf he raised looked like that she was not even going to fight the Alpha wolf to assert her dominance. Jimmy looked at Kevin and said don’t you have a clue as to what is going on? Kevin said, what are you talking about? Well I’m getting the feeling that sometimes your tamed wolf has been roaming the forest by herself. Didn’t it occur to you that there might have been a chance that she would run into one of the packs out there?

Well, it that what exactly happened. At some point she got the attention and somehow she became the mate of the Alpha male of one of the packs. You see that she has given birth to those little wolf pups running around the compound. Did you think that she got pregnant by one of the stray dogs running around in the forest; even Stevie Wonder could see that those pups are 100% wolf. Now the pack outside wants to claim the pups and I suppose we humans are going to be collateral damage when this is over, because the  pack alphas will want to make sure the pack will have enough to eat. Oh, by the way don’t expect any help from your tamed wolf. Her first priority is the safety of her pups. Plus, when wolves pick a mate, they are mates for life.

Keven demanded how do you know all this, since when were you an expert in wolf behavior. Jimmy countered, I don’t need to know about something that I feel; by the way, how is it that you know nothing about the wolf you raised. One of the female guests Jemma intervened in the discussion, and said why you are two debating and speculating the intentions of the pack. Call the Sheriff so that they could send somebody over to disburse them. Kevin said, it will do no good; the Sheriff does not have any Deputies in this area and by then time they get somebody over, we’ll all be toast. Besides, ya’ll already know that there is no cell phone coverage way out here. 

Another guest said, fuck it, get the rifles and we’ll take out the whole pack. Then Jimmy said in a loud voice.. FUCKKKK” I used up the ammo the last time I went hunting and was supposed to pick up more this week, but I forgot. Everyone looked at each other, dam we are all screwed.

As the full moon illuminated the night sky, the wolves finally made their move and started to infiltrate the house. Everyone picked up something to defend them from being attacked; but deep down they know that it would be a matter of time before they will succumb to the wolf attack. 

As the adrenaline was running high, Jimmy suddenly collapsed and he started to winch in pain; there was the sound of bones breaking and his grunts and moans gradually hair started to sprout all over his body; his sneakers broke into two as his toe nails started grow into claws; his finger nails started to do the same thing; his eyes turned yellow; his ears started to change position becoming pointed;  his face started to contort into a snout and canine fangs appeared as his teeth got larger and his skin stretched and tightened over his new form.

Once Jimmy’s transformation was complete, he let out a big howl. This stopped the wolf pack in their tracks. They now have a new foe to deal with on their terms. Jimmy in his new form quickly sprouted on three of the dominate males killed and devoured them to establish his dominance. Then the Pack’s alpha male, and Jimmy had a stare down. Perhaps some type of wolf communication was taking place.

When was all done; the alpha male was allowed to take the rest of his pack, the pups and the tamed she wolf and leave; with the understanding that the house compound and surround area was now the territory of Jimmy the Werewolf.

As for Kevin and his guests; they had to be sworn to secrecy otherwise Jimmy vowed to hunt them down one by one should anyone know that he is a Werewolf; he doesn’t need to be subjected to being captured and studied.

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