In this strange dream I was in a dormitory that resembled an Army barracks, and breakfast was being served; there was a long line. I did not want to wait on line because I hate waiting on lines. Then I saw that there were servers that did not have a line. I went to one of the servers who had no line. When I got to the server I found out that they were only serving cold breakfast when I preferred a hot breakfast, so I said I did not want anything. I put my uniform on and was waiting until the line got smaller, then breakfast was over, and the dining facility were being shut down, despite the fact that a lot of people were in line and they were not served breakfast. We did not understand how is it that breakfast has ended without everyone getting a chance to eat.

 I then took a bike and went to a tranquil field, and then I saw an old model car driving up. At first I thought it was a racing car, and I wanted to buy one. When I looked closer and saw that the car was a hearse. There was a coffin inside the back, then the people who attended the funeral came, and converged to the spot where I was and the bike that I had got lost in the crowd.

The undertakers took the coffin out of the hearse, and walked with it to the burial plot located on the border of the cemetery. There was only a string that was going around the burial area, the plot was right underneath the string. The undertakers put the coffin on the ground, then the coffin’s lid opened, and the old man that was in the coffin came half way out as the undertakers tilted it when they were putting it in the hole.

 I saw the old man’s face and body; he was someone whom I do not recognize. I do not know his identity. He is tall, and was dressed in a black suit and white shirt. Then the Undertakers closed the coffin’s lid. After the lid was closed, and the coffin was being put in the hole, there was a problem when the coffin was being lowered down. It seemed that the coffin was too big for the hole; but after a while the coffin started to fit into the hole as it was being lowered into the ground. When the coffin was in the ground, the crowd started to disburse; I saw that my bike was still around. Yet as I stood there and watched the crowd disbursed I couldn’t help but to notice the people in the crowd were speaking Jamaican patios.

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  1. Hello True George,

    Thank you for sharing your dream interesting dream, it sounds a bit symbolic, and it seems that a few of those details stood out.

    I am not sure if I have ever had a hearse in a dream or not, probably not or only one or two times, and so that is rare; and also having a funeral in a dream is something that has only happened maybe only once or twice for me possibly.

    -John Jr

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    • Yeah this was a strange one from not being able to eat breakfast to being at a funeral.
      Perhaps it is symbolic but I have not figured out what it represents.
      Would you believe that most hearses are a Cadillac with leather seats. But who would want to own a hearse if they are not in the Funeral Home business..

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      • Hello True George,

        I forgot about the missing out on breakfast part.

        I am not surprised by that, I probably have not been in a hearse, but if the inside is nice and roomy I could see someone wanting one because of that and because it is unique.

        -John Jr

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