.50 Caliber

I decided to do the self-hypnosis/meditation in the way I used to do it when I first started the practice. In a seated position, I started out doing three reps of deep breathing holding the breath for a ten second count. Afterwards, I raised the eyes to get a little strain, by picking out a spot (real or imaginary) to focus on. After a while, I felt the body relax to the point where I was able to separate.

When I separated from the body, I stood up and walked towards the room’s window. I went through the window and when I was outside I found myself floating. The weather was different; in the physical world the temperature was close to 80 degrees. The weather conditions that I observed when I went through the window was cold and there was snow on the ground.

 I just continued moving forward, I started to see other beings; there was one that was directly in my path; I decided not to move out its way. As it approached closer to me, I saw that it was wearing a gray robe. The top was covering its head; as we came face to face, I could not see its face; the face area was dark, he moved to the side out of my way and I continued on moving forward.

 Then I came across another being; for some reason, I had a feeling that this being was not sincere. I figured that I am not going to run, and have it chase me, I decided to confront it. I thought that I should be armed with a weapon. My thoughts produced a .50 caliber machine gun, and when the .50 caliber appeared in my arms I took some shots at the being. Instead of Bullets coming out the .50 caliber, energy came out; and the energy drove the being away.

 I came across two more beings and armed with my .50 caliber I shot at them and drove them away.  I kept on moving forward until I reached a corner where I saw cannon.  I made a posture to attempt to destroy the cannon with the .50 caliber energy gun. When I did that the cannon disappeared.

Then I was on a roof top and detected a being waiting to ambush me, so I did a technique that I learned during the urban warfare phase of my pre-deployment training before being deployed to Iraq. It is called cutting the corner aka slicing the pie, and shot the energy gun at him.

After the shooting took place; the scene changed; I was at a scene where I was in a bar, and the people in the bar knew me. I was told that someone was looking for me, I saw who was looking for me, and I decided to hide, I was in an area right under their noise, it was in between a flap of a tent, then I had fallen out from where I was and somebody told where I was. The other events what happened afterwards are too distorted to make any conscious sense out of it…

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