Distractions II

ghost soldiers

As I was progression with my meditation exercises and the control over my energy started to become stronger; becoming aware of extra physical intrusion and developing some sort of a defensive mechanism repealing intrusion from extra physical beings, and some sort of psychic self-defensive against psychic attacks from the extra physical beings and from my fellow human beings. Perhaps one may conclude that I managed to raise my vibrations to the point where intrusion from extra physical beings started to become more deceptive and subtitle; it isn’t as apparent has before. It has come to the point when I manage to get into a meditative state there are attempts to get me out of the state. It has happened before now it is happening again.

This particular experience took place in the Jamaica Queens Armory will I was drilling with my National Guard unit.  It was lunchtime and at 12:15 I saw that the chow line was too long, so I decided to find a place to do the vibrational state and come back later to get some food. I went into one of the break areas where a couch was; I started to do the vibrational state exercise in that area. I wanted to upgrade my concentration since it has not been up to par lately.

When I reached the vibrational state; I saw a bunch of my fellow soldiers come into that area where I was. I heard one of them say “what is he doing?” they then proceeded to do things to interrupt my state I said to myself “what is going on?”  As I came out of the state back into the physical world I realized that nobody else was around and that I was the only one in the area.

 I proceeded to continue what I was doing, and restarted the vibrational state exercise and I reached another vibrational state, I saw that the same bunch of soldiers were still in the area. When they saw that I was back in the state, they started to do things that would get me out of the state again. This time I started to exteriorize energy; I thought that it was what they wanted so that they can move on. Then one of them started to laugh and made a comment like, “look at him, breathing in and out like that;” my thoughts were maybe the energy exteriorization was not powerful enough? However I continued to exteriorize energy at the same rate and eventually I saw that the soldiers started to retreat to my rear and no longer interfered in my activity. After it was all over I felt like I had a peaceful rest.

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