It was 1:30 pm and time for me to get away from the energy draining areas in the gov’t building. I entered the lounge on my lunch break; I had the hypnotic induction and suggestion recording that I got from Rapid Transformation; the recording was on improved study habits. When I switched on the recording and the induction started; I was following the induction instructions when I felt someone walk up to me and said something. This kind of distracted me a little bit because I was going to emerge from the state when I realized that extra physical attempts to distract me from being in a hypnotic state or attaining the vibrational state sometimes happen at this location; especially when I’m about to deepen my relaxation state.

Then I saw a figure that was telling me to get out of the hypnotic state. I did not listen to it, I continued doing what I was doing. Then the whole environment changed. It was as though I was in a schoolyard and the school children came out to play. First they gathered to see what I was doing; then they scattered. I heard one of them say to the others “let’s get him out of hypnosis.”

One of them walked up to me and was shaking my arm; I ignored her. Then two others came up and were laughing at me saying, “What are you doing.” Then one came and was hitting me; that almost distracted me. Then another one came and started to shake the chair. I was going to emerge from the state when a thought came to me and I realized that I’m in the lounge, and the chair I was sitting in was in a corner, and that nobody could be behind me because they cannot fit in the space between the wall and me.

After that I saw three figures on my left side attempting to disturb me; I turned and said to the leader “the next time I see you I’m going to punch you in the face.”  That figure moved on, the other two figures were wearing pointed hoods. Then a woman came and said that she has a paper that I must look at and sign. I kept composure and did nothing. The woman moved on; when she left I saw that the papers were blowing in the air; I capture one of the pages when it blew next to me and put it under my right arm. Then someone came up to me and grabbed the papers; the force that was used to grab the paper from under my arm ripped the paper. Afterwards a female came and moved my legs apart and sat in between them.

I felt that it was like a competition between these extra physical beings to see who could get me out of the hypnotic state. I also felt that the hypnotic programming was long, and I wanted it to end so that I could deal with these entities. However I said to myself that I’d be patient and wait until the programming is over before I do anything. All of a sudden, it was like playtime was over, and  all the extra physical beings started to leave; before everyone left; an adult came up with some forms that she wanted me to look over, the form that was ripped was one of them.

Then I felt someone behind me took what felt like a brush and swiped it across the back of my neck. The shirt collar kept me from feeling the full sensation. However it did not spare the left side of the neck which felt the full sensation which made me turn back and almost put me out of the hypnotic state; if it were done any harder than they would have successful. After that brush I felt someone slap me at the back of the neck, and others hitting the crown. The slaps were not hard, it was just annoying like it was supposed to be an attention getter; like the kind of annoying games that I use to play with others when I was in high school.

Then I saw that all the extra physical beings were starting to leave. The hypnotic induction had not finished yet; I could still hear the programming. I did not give my full attention to the programming, and did not properly hear the emersion, because I was still in the hypnotic state when the program ended. I guess I had stayed in the hypnotic state because I wanted to see what would happen next, and that I would be able to do something or stop the next entity from doing those annoying things.

It did not occur to me to exteriorize any energy to see what would happen. This always come to mind after the fact. At least my awareness is increasing because there have been times when less acts have made me stop my programming.

Around 6:30pm I returned to the lounge and had exteriorized my energies throughout the lounge. I don’t know if it was too late to do that action, clearly I have to be more aware of my abilities while encountering these beings; otherwise I believe that something like this will happen again.

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