Santa Clause


While lying in bed during the night I felt the sheet slowly being dragged from my body; at that point in time I knew that there was an extra physical conscious looking for some energy; so I lifted my left hand and started to exteriorize energy towards the direction where the sheet was being dragged. Afterwards I felt that the sheet stop moving and then I looked to see if I could get a glance of the being that was looking for the energy. When I looked up I saw the outline of a man and it looked like he had what I would say resembled dear horns coming out the side of his head; after I glanced at him he turned around and disappeared.

Later on during the night; I’m not too sure of the time and not sure whether it was a dream or a false awaken. However, I saw an image of a person who resembled Santa clause or the being was disguised as Santa Clause. He was standing with his arms stretched out side to side. He looked like a snowman standing in a set spot. I saw the images two more time, each in a different setting. Then the forth scene came; it was implied that the image of this being who resembled Santa Clause was no longer respected; he was standing in snow that covered him up to his waist; and he looked directly at me and shrugged his shoulders as if he was saying, “I don’t know.”

At that point I was fully awake then I felt the presence of that same Santa Clause being in the room at the right side of the bed. I also felt the presence of another being; it was as though they were having a dialogue; then the one whom was not the Santa Clause walked past the foot of the bed; when he moved I could feel the floor vibrate the same way it vibrates when someone with a heavy footstep walks and I also felt a wind on my feet when he walked past the bed; the being paced back and forth twice before disappearing.

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