Trance Enhancer


I was at the government building doing some overtime in my role as a gov’t bureaucrat; it was round 6:00 pm and I was feeling fatigue so I had decided to go to the lounge to put myself a relaxed state.  I used an induction recording from rapid transformations; the induction was called “trance enhancer.” When the induction started, there was an instruction to take a deep breath, and then hold it for three seconds, when I done that, I felt my body become heavy and a condition of paralysis followed. I did not expect it to happen so fast. As I was going in state, I had a glimpsed of somebody in the lounge. After that I found myself coming out of the body; it was like I was running out of the lounge because of the speed that I was going. After I exited the lounge and I was on the third floor going towards the waiting area. Before I had reached that area, I passed by a group of people, I decided to exteriorize some energy to see what type of reaction that I would get. I saw that I did not get an immediate reaction, but I saw two members of the group slow down and disappeared; after that happened I had the attention of the rest of the group. I saw that they were coming back towards me, so I jump up into the air, and was floating above them. Each one of them stretched out their arms and I touched each one; after I touched them I did not know where they went.

Suddenly someone appeared in front of me; it looked like it was an old man; however I had in my mind not to stick around to find out what he wanted. I made some moves to get away from the person, or being. After that I found myself in another part of the floor where I ran into another being. A transmission was put out which told me that each one of them was in each charge of a specific section.  I should have gone to them before I started to exteriorize energy to any of the beings that I first encountered.

I decided that I did not want to be around the area anymore; so I made my exit. While I was making my exit the being grabbed my arm and was holding me; I used some force in an attempt to get away, but the being’s grip was too strong. I felt his nails dig into my hand.

I had passed through the side of the building and was now in the street. The atmosphere did not resemble the street outside the gov’t building; I had entered a transportation hub. I was walking through the passageway when I saw two beings; one was the target, the other one was telling me that I had to exteriorize some energy to the target being.  I exteriorized energy to the target I saw that the target had disappeared, the last thing that I remembered moving on down the transportation hub, it was like a big subway hub, where other beings were passing through.

Afterwards I found that I was coming out of state when the induction on the tape was finished, which marks the first time that I stayed in state after the induction commanded that I emerge.

I had in mind not to be chased by any being, and that I would face them to see what they wanted. Instead, I was running away from these beings, maybe the fight or flight reaction follows even on the astral plane. Since I was in the building perhaps I was still on the lower plane. This was marred with conflict and fighting, there was nothing tranquil about this experience.

The challenge for the future would be to face the adversary or being because running away from them or being chased would not tell me what the being want. Also I have to be more lucid not to allow myself be chased again.

I will continue to work with the energy to get stronger in that area.

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