The Noblewoman

noble 2

The noble woman living in the castle is searching for another maiden to be her personal servant. Why does the maiden have to be a virgin? Where are the other maidens that entered the castle to serve? Their parents have not heard from them since. This time she inadvertently selected the Duke’s daughter; he sent a Detective to find her. The Detective was let in the noble woman’s chambers by a remorseful Guard; the Detective sighted the Duke’s Daughter hanging upside down; her head drawn back while the slit in her throat dripped the pure blood that filled the bath tub while the noble women bathed in it. The secret is out why the sixty year old noble woman looks so youthful. The Duke’s Soldiers stormed the castle and arrested the noble woman.  They walled her up in her chambers where she perished; only to be reborn as a vampire.

© 2018 All Rights Reserved

For What Pegman Saw flash fiction challenge of 150 words or less. This week’s prompt is Bran Castle, Romania

Eastern European folklore states that vampires are revenants of those who died.

The Revenants are those who during their lifetime were wicked, vain, unbelievers, wrongdoers, witches, suicide victims.

Revenants can also be created by a malevolent spirit possessing a corpse or a person that was bitten by a vampire.

The method to put down a revenant is by decapitation, burning the body or removal of the heart.




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