Jazz Player


Musical expressions can be rooted in thoughts going through the mind that cannot be expressed in words; it also drives the behavior and that behavior may not be the best of expressions.

Earnest the trumpet player a fixture on Bourbon street’s Jazz clubs & bars where he performed his musical gifts as a guest band member or solo artist. But outside of his musical expression he had a lost mind.

Earnest got hooked up with a woman who became the love of his life. It would have been a fairy tale end; except for he didn’t want his love to do stuff like dance, or go anywhere. Strange for a musician to be against dance. Yet, this and fabricated jealousy consumed his mind. His love went to Mardi Gras; after she returned; he murdered her. Now sitting in an asylum with those thoughts and no trumpet to let them out.

© 2018 All Rights Reserved

For What Pegman Saw flash fiction challenge of 150 words or less. This week’s prompt is New Orleans, Louisiana.



      • Okay. Then I hope the following helps.
        The mantra for all writers of fiction is ‘Show, don’t tell’. What we mean by that is we should describe scenes that demonstrate the points we want to convey to the reader. For example
        ‘One evening the manager hailed Earnest, “Hey man, you hot on dat horn tonight!”
        “Got me a hot chick,” grinned Earnest.’
        It says much the same as your “Earnest got hooked up with a woman who became the love of his life. It would have been a fairy tale end;” but it makes it more alive.
        ‘Show, don’t tell’ is probably the single most important thing that we have to learn to master our craft, although of course there’s a whole mass of other stuff.
        Anyway, good luck!
        And, if you feel you can offer concrit on my stories, I’ll be delighted to receive it.
        With best wishes

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