Witch Hunt

witch 2

De Hero the town’s Mayor ordered that all witches be rounded up; so the town’s goons I mean Police profiled every old women within the town’s jurisdiction, stopped them arrested them and detained them. The authorities were especially looking for the ones who were shrunken or hunched over walking with a cane. Everyone knows that profile fits the description of a witch. Mark a member of the town’s council was appalled and called an emergency session for the Council to convene establish a committee to hold a hearing.

Once the committee was established Mark was made the chairperson. Mark set the agenda and questioned this assumption that old women are witches and denounced the witch hunt and profiling of the old women and denounce the round up as an illegal operation. De Hero was summoned to the town’s council chambers where Mark asked him a direct question, “what makes you think that these old women are witches?” De Hero answered because the Priest said so. How did the Priest determine that? De Hero’s response was well you’ve got to ask that question to the Priest.

Mark demanded that the Priest be summoned to the committee to explain himself. De Hero said to Mark that everyone knows that the Priest isn’t available during the day; in fact he is nowhere to be found when the sun is up. We have to wait until the sun goes down to get a hold of the Priest. The Council adjourned and planned to reconvene after nine O’clock which is a time after the sun goes down so that the Priest can explain why did he tell De Hero to profile old women as witches. Especially when these same old women are always the target of the scum of society, snatching their purses, pulling them to the back allies and robbing them, targets of scam artists looking to con them out of their merger pension.

As the sun went down the Priest could not make the nine O’clock deadline because he was out instigating a mob to go to a cottage on the outskirts of town and bring in the witch that lived there. The town’s people that made up the mob did not understand how that little old lady living by herself was able to thrive during the winter without any assistance, while some abled bodied people couldn’t. Well, the Priest suggested that perhaps the old woman is doing better than all of you because she is a witch; did you think about that. The Priest used the mob’s ignorance and they went to the old woman’s cottage to drag her out and put her with the rest of those old witches. But the old woman’s dogs barking alerted her that she was going to have some unexpected guests. When she saw the mob coming to get her she fled and went out into the woods. The mob was livid that the old woman got away; so that set fire to the cottage and burned it to the ground. In the meantime the old woman was somewhere in the woods in the freezing cold without a coat; there is no way she could possible survive the night exposed to the harshness of the woods. The angry individuals that made up the mob that burned down the cottage are now a known as a lynch mob.

The Priest wasn’t around at the location when the alleged witch fled and the lynch mob burned down the cottage; he was aware that the town’s Council wanted to see him at that hearing. The Priest thought that it is better to be late than never show up at all. But before he went to the Council’s chamber, he stopped off at the church to replenish himself with the blood of Christ. While he was replenishing himself, word got to the Council what the lynch mob had done; so now the Council had plans to arrest the Priest for instigating the whole affair. But before that could happen Priest would have to be discredited and it has to happen during the Council proceedings. All this has to happen before word gets to the Governor Andy that a lynching took place. De Hero and the town’s council do not want the Governor Andy to interject himself into the town’s affairs. He will find any excuse to do so.

The Priest is now in front of the town’s Council’s committee; Chairperson Mark demanded an explanation why he convinced De Hero to round up the old women the alleged witches. The Priest had his bag with him and he went in it and pulled out the Torah, shook his head and said nay, not this. He pulled out the Holy Quran, shook his head and said nay, not this either then he took out the Bible and said not this as well and then he pulled out another book, ahh this is it; it was the BOOK OF ENOCH.

Mark said you better explain yourself. The Priest said if you’ve been coming to church I wouldn’t have to explain, you would’ve known already. Well, what I have here is The BOOK OF ENOCH. This book was taken out of the Bible because it has things in here that will challenge what we have been taught in gov’t sanctioned education and religious programs. But let me not get into that and if anyone wants to know more you know where I am on Sundays. Right now let me just give you the foundation why I suggested to De Hero to profile and round up those old witches.

I know ya’ll heard of ‘The Watchers” well there were rebels among the watchers; these rebels became known as the fallen Angels, this passage says what they did:

And it came to pass, when the sons of men had increased, that in those
days there were born to them fair and beautiful daughters.
And the Angels, the sons of Heaven, saw them and desired them. And
they said to one another: “Come, let us choose for ourselves wives, from
the children of men…
And they took wives for themselves and everyone chose for himself
one each. And they began to go into them and were promiscuous with
them. And they taught them charms and spells, and they showed them the
cutting of roots and trees…

Now do you get it? If you didn’t then let me break it down. The fallen Angels brought the forbidden science with them and used it to entice the daughters of man and exchanged it for their virtue. Making these women their whores and the women among their whores who mastered the science which was called witchcraft became known as witches.

Mark said, OK now we know how witches came to be, but what the hell has that got to do with profiling and locking up the town’s old women? The Priest snapped, I thought you were brighter than this. Can’t you realize that before those old witches became old witches, they were young witches? Before they became unpromiscuous old women they were promiscuous young women. Do you get my drift?

Mark said that the only drift I get is that you’re saying those old women that you alleged are witches locked up in the correctional facility are the young promiscuous women that were mentioned in the Book of Enoch. I find that to be totally nonsense. The Priest responded, god damit! You still don’t understand. They are witches; that means they have the ability to age very slowly. Now look, I’m not saying all of them are the ones that were the fallen Angels lovers; I’m also saying that the craft was handed down from them to their direct dependents.

Mark was adamant that he doesn’t buy the claims that the Priest is making. In fact Mark looked at De Hero and said you are a party to this nonsense. I have information that one of the old women that have been locked up is your Mother in Law. Everyone knows that you are hen pecked by your wife and that you don’t have the balls to stand up to your Mother in Law; so you subscribed to the Priest’s foolishness to get your Mother in Law out of the house without your wife leaving your ass you sorry sack of do do.

The Priest interjected that he has firsthand knowledge that some of those old women have been using the craft to reincarnate themselves only passing away when they reach a ripe old age. While others were a direct descendent line of from the original wives of the fallen angels. Some of the fallen Angel’s wives survived the flood. Mark asked what is the source of this knowledge you possess? The Priest answered, you know the church have many secrets that it doesn’t on share with anyone but a select set of monks and Priests and other privileged church officials. I’ve already gave you too much information, so as a man of the cloth you should believe what I say is no fabrication.

Just as Mark was about to respond; the Bounty Hunter Eastwood bust open the council chamber’s door and twirled a lasso above his head and threw the loop around the Priest’s body; while his partner Van Clif crept up behind Priest and bind him with silver chains immobilizing him. When that happened there was a big commotion in the Council’s chambers. Mark banged the chairperson’s hammer on the desk a couple of times while Eastwood urged everyone to be claim while he explained his actions.

Eastwood showed everyone in the council’s chambers how the silver chains is burning into The Priest’s skin; it is because Priest is a Vampire; and that he has been hunting him for some time and that he got a tip from an old woman that he came across in the woods that was fleeing the lynch mob. The old woman explained to Eastwood that a Priest has accused her and other old women of being witches and orchestrated their round up; the description fit the Vampire that they are looking for. After we took that poor old woman to the next town for her safety we doubled back here to get the Priest before some other Bounty Hunter does.

Eastwood explained that here is some validity to the claim that the Priest is made the Vampire as been around for a while; but usually there has to be concrete proof that a witch is indeed in a particular location before that witch is hunted. Vampires are top of the food chain when it comes to supernatural beings. Witches are one of their mortal enemies and the Priest was attempting to eliminate his enemy.
But Priest did a sloppy job; he did not want to vet who he suspected to be a witch. Instead he believed that if he rounded up those that looked like a witch, he’ll get a real one.

Odds are all the old women that were locked up are not witches except for in the minds like that waste of sperm De Hero who thinks that old women who don’t take crap from anyone is a witch. Even if a genuine witch was in this town, they are long gone by now because when innocent women are rounded up and accused of being a witch; the real witch get out of dodge like a rat leaving a sinking ship. Now that you know what is going on we have to take care of this Vampire. Eastwood nodded his head given Van Clef the green light to use his hatchet and lob Priest’s head off. De Hero ordered the old women that was detained in the correctional facility released; the Corrections Commissioner said finally! the prison was beginning to smell like an old folks home.

The real challenge that De Hero had to face is going home and facing his pissed off wife who wasn’t too happy with him for locking up her mother; even though De Hero considers her a feisty old witch.

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