Dark Tunnel

dark tunnel

Arriving back home around 7:00pm I sat down in the chair and started to do the vibrational state exercise. While installing the vibrational state I heard a voice say that she wanted to leave, and that she will follow me because I was the one who brought her there. Once the vibrational state was installed I was separated from the physical body. I felt that I got up and left through the apartment the window.

After I exited that apartment through the window it was as though I was flying through a dark tunnel; the object where the voice was coming from started to follow me; then it went ahead of me; the object was giving off light and it illuminated the dark tunnel. We traveled all the way through the tunnel until we came to a point where we could not go any further; it was a dead end and I could not see any more openings to travel through.

I thought maybe I could transport myself through the walls, however I felt this would not be a good Idea because I did not know if the walls had an opening. So I started to go back up way which I came.  I noticed a secondary opening and that it had light shining through it.  I went to that point and still there was no opening; but  this time the tunnel walls became soft; now it was like we were in a clothed tube, so I decided to rip through the cloth.  I created an opening and made my way through the opening; once outside I saw that I was in a child’s room. The child was playing with some sort of toy and was firing some sort of gun onto the wall, at this point I don’t recall what happened…

The next thing that I recalled was that I was back in my room doing my energy exercise, when I saw that I was being watched. I opened the door and saw this woman looking; she had the body of my sister D but the face of an old woman. I did not like that she was watching me however the atmosphere felt that I was a member of a family, that was living in the apartment and that the room was reserved for me and that I was using it to do the meditation exercises. Then I felt that someone or something was behind me moving the chair and swinging it up and down. It was as though I was on a swing. Finally it came to a stop, and I got out the chair and as I got out the chair I saw that I had three bicycles. The middle one was silver and my mind had a thought; it went to my former Commander Captain C who is in Baghdad as a civilian contractor. I heard my own thoughts say that he was stupid for not taking the bicycle.

Then as I closed the room door, I peaked into the crack of the door, and I saw that the chair in which I was doing the energy exercise moving. I saw that the seat was displaced was though someone was seating in the chair and yet the person seating in the chair was invisible.  Then I saw the chair move around in the same motion had it done when I was seating in the chair; after wards, I heard a voice say that “we will help George.. We will help George…”

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