Flying Vessel

vessel 2

This experience took place at Fort Dix, New Jersey during the time when my unit was in the pre-deployment phase preparing for our mission in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I’ve been going to Fort Dix for over 20 years; in retrospect one may say that Fort Dix is a home away from home. There was a degree of comfort being at Fort Dix, at least we didn’t have to bivouac in the cold. We stayed in the barracks. The only qualms I had was that I felt it was unfair that they did not provide hot water during the morning. Those outside the military need to understand that little things like this are done by design to place a degree of mental stress on Soldiers. But to True_George they had to do better than that; after a while I found the morning cold showers to be refreshing. Other little annoying things that had some sort of mental impact were perpetrated; an atmosphere of uncertainty and excitement existed. I am pondering whether all of this had an impact on the quality of meditation and astral projection. Did it boost my energy levels making me energetic and mentally stronger?

On this particular day around 1800 while I was waiting for my order of Chinese food to arrive, I decided to lie down and perform the vibrational state and basic meditation. I placed one of my duffel bags at the foot of the bed so that my legs could be elevated. After I started doing the basic meditation and energy movement I exited out of the body.  Once outside the body I went going through the room towards the window; when I reached the window I could hear other sounds that were not common.  I jumped out that window and was in the air flying. As I observed the environment I saw that on each lawn there were beings that resembled little girls. They had uniforms on; I do not remember what the uniform color was. All of them were dressed in a similar manner.

As I flew past a group of them I heard someone say something and it sounded like an insult, but I had ignored it and continued flying. Then I saw some type of flying vessel; it looked like it was coming for me. So I went into a self-defensive mode and exteriorize some energy; and energy bolts flew out of my body; my intent in doing this was to slow the vessel down.  Yet the vessel continued coming towards me and when it was at a closer range I exorcized some more energy, and made the vassal crash. I had destroyed its flight completely. Then another vassal came I stood on that vassal, then I exteriorize another energy pulse. This time I disabled the creature that was in that vessel. As the vessel came to a crash down on the ground I could see that the little girls and similar creatures were running up….

At that time I was taken out of the experience because one of my fellow roommates interrupted the state to tell me my food had arrived.

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