Shielded Chamber


Another measure of psychic self-defensive or intrusion from extra physical forces and human to human psychic attacks is to establish a shielded chamber. It is basically an energy barrier or shield that you create using your own energy.
Steps taken to creates a shielded chamber:

1) Mobilization of your energy until you reach the vibrational state

2) Once the vibrational state has been reached then you exteriorize the energies

Make sure it is done at irregular times during, because if it is done at the same time every day it will attract extra physical beings looking to replenish their energy, either parasites or those in need of energy for therapy.

Mobilize of energies is the conscious control of energetic movements inside your body from your head to your feet and back to the head. It is similar to the energy bounce moving it up and down until you reach the vibrational state. Among the benefits that you can get with regular practice:

1) the self confidence that you can control and use your own energies, and it will help you to recognize your energy from energy that you receive from sourced other than yourself

2) It will help with you digestion, cleaning your body of unwanted waste

3) It will help your body correct minor ailments and stops annoying conditions such as colds

4) It will help n energetic self-defense, by completely blocking the entrance of unwanted energies

5) Detect energy blocks and correct those blocks

6) Install the vibrational state

You should perform the mobilization at various times of the day, each time with the goal of reaching the vibrational state, with each performance you will become stronger. Also you should be aware that if you have any energetic unbalances or blockages it will be detected and there might be a time period where there is corrective action taken as you practice this exercise. So you see this is a progressive thing and results will come accordingly.

In practice, the energy circulation of moving the energy from head to feet without exteriorizing can be performed many times. Soon, the process would be changed to a condition of an extremely intense vibrational state throughout all the vehicles of manifestation which will in turn sterilize the environment on a vibratory.
The performance procedure is as follows:

1) Stand feet shoulder width apart, hands along your side,

2) close your eyes.

3) Direct the flow of your energies to a staging point preferable to the top of the head

4) As you concentrate all your energies to the point let if build up for a minute or two

5) through the impulsion of your will direct the flow of energies from the head through the body and hands, passing through the legs to the feet

6) Once the flow of energy reaches the feet, direct the flow of energies back up through the legs the body and hands, back to the head.

7) Repeat it step 5

8) Repeat step 6

9) Continue the same process each time gradual increasing the speed

10) Continue until you reach the vibrational state…

After reaching the vibrational state, the next thing you do is the absorption, consider yourself being on a mountaintop, and smelling the fresh air, we look up to the sky and take a deep breath, taking the fresh air into our lungs, and getting a wonderful feeling. Most people would consider that the wonderful feeling is the fresh mountain air, when it is actually the energy they just absorbed, the expanding of the lungs and taking in of the air acted to facilitate the absorption or the environment’s energy.

Consider that as an example of absorption of energy, except for in this exercise the absorption will be facilitated by the implosion of your will, rather then physical movements.

Perform the energy circulation as you have been doing it over the past couple of days, once you reached the vibrational state, then I want you to think about drawing in the room’s energy, bringing it into your body, each time you inhale, a wave of energy is being absorbed…….. The absorption should take place for about 5-10 minutes, afterwards we exteriorize the energy.

Exteriorization of the energy is the process which we will expand our energy out into the environment, now that we absorbed the energy in the room, that energy is now part of us, it is mixing with our own energy, how we feel depends which energy is stronger, now we want to fill the room with our energy, perform it in the following manner:
Think about expanding, or extending you energy, as you exhale, the energy will go further and further away from your body, filling the room, do it for 5-10 minutes….
The entire step is has follows:

1) Perform the circulation of energy until you reach the vibrational state

2) Once you reach the vibrational state, absorb the room’s energy 5-10 minutes

3) Stop absorption, and start to exteriorize the energy 5-10 minutes

If you want compare how the room you used to exteriorize your energy, to the other rooms in the house.

1) How does it feel now then before?

2) How did it feel before you done the exercise?

3) When you absorbed how did you feel?

The Vibrational state is the condition when the entire physical body’s energy center, and the energetic body, accelerate their vibrations, so that they can escape the slow vibrations of the physical human body, plus it can produce an astral projection.

The vibrational state appears to be gently promoted by the Para physiological in order for it to be have a sense of freedom, and to loosen up the energy centers. Physically, there are four instances where the vibrational state could be triggered:

1) Physical vibrations of the entire human body

2) Cold winds

3) A substantial drop in ambient temperatures

4) A condition of heightened emotional state

The vibrational state stems from the intensification of the release or loosening up of the consciential energies. It may or may not be perceived by the person, and it happens more frequently in the projections of the energetic body with greater density, due to the fact that the energetic body carries a greater portion of the energy, plus it also carries the astral body and the mental body.

It should be pointed out that the vibrational sensations that the person is experiencing is not the same as feeling energies, however the energies is responsible for the causes and generation, so in the end the vibrational state ends up being an energetic state although the “vibrations,” and “energies” are intrinsically very different realties. Feeling the sensations of the vibrational state three can be singled has the most common:

1) Waves: movement of internal and equal waves, pulsating, and painless vibrations, the frequency and intensity or number per second can be controlled by the will, the frequency being rhythmically increased or decreased.

2) Sweeping: A stronger or weaker intensity of vibrations sweeping the inactive human body from head to hands and feet, and returning to the brain, in a constant circuit of brief seconds

3) Resonance: This happens until the natural vibratory frequency or resonant frequency of each vehicle of manifestation separately.

Often the vibrational state is characterized only by the sensation of intense continuous vibration, at other times, noises or intracranial sounds, as well as stimuli or visual effects appear.
To develop your shielded chamber the following steps need to be taken:

1) Choose a place where you feel safe and it is intermit, for most of us it would be our bedroom, and the chosen place would be the bed.

2) You can either lay down or sit up, I recommend sitting in the middle of the bed, that way you won’t fall asleep

3) Start by mobilization your energies until you reach the vibrational state

4) Tune your mind set into establishing a protective shield

5) Upon reaching the vibrational state, start exteriorizing your energy, expanding it around the bed

5A) however you imagine, or perceive the energy expansion while exteriorizing, the energy must form around the object (the bed) at all sides, you could go side by side and form a wall, top, the bottom, you could shape the energy like a bubble and form it around the bed, it is your choice how you want to form the shield.

6) It is to be done twice a day at irregular times, as each day passes the stronger the field becomes.

Once the field is established, it will block all energies that want to intrude uninvited, we are talking on both the physical and extra physical levels; nothing will get through, unless you put the energetic shield down.

Doing it at irregular times will avoid attracting extra physical beings looking to replenish their energy, if it is done at a consistent time those extra physical beings will show up and absorbed the energy you are putting out that is intended to establish your shield


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