Bjorn “Ironside” Ragnasson woke up abruptly after a dream. He called is wife and young children around. The gods have shown me what is to come.

I dreamed that my good friend Hastein and I mobilized an expedition that took us to lands further then what my father Ragnar traveled too. The dream revealed that we will conduct many raids; face many battles; but in battle not to rely on the Viking superior fighting skills, I am to be creative and use some sort of tricky to get past the Muslim fortifications.

The Gods also told me to that I will return back to Stockholm and become the first King of Sweden, here after my linage would be known as Munso Dynasty.
Then, the gods said Viking men will no longer seek to go out on a quest. Instead they will start to wear pink pussy hats….

© 2018 All Rights Reserved


For What Pegman Saw flash fiction challenge of 150 words or less. This weeks location is Stockholm, Sweden


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