Sealing a Portal

portal ii

One of the goals to become more efficient in working with your own energies and vibrational state is to free you from intrusion of extra physical entities. It is can also act as a psychic self-defensive mechanism. It is a progressive practice which as many positive off shots. One is that your perception and natural psychic abilities and awareness become heightened.  I’m under the impression that this experience represented a heightened sense of awareness.

As I was in bed I felt the presence of an extra physical conscience; I perceived that this particular extra physical conscience used to live in the room and came back to visit. It seemed that this extra physical conscience had not passed on naturally; and was claiming its territory. It was not the first time that I had felt this particular extra-physical consciences intruded; however, I felt that I should exteriorate some energy at its point of entry. The goal was to put an energetic seal to either limit or stop intrusion from any extra-physical beings at the portal.

While I was extorizing energy at the entry portal I felt an unseen force pick me up and was moving me away from that point of entry.  The unseen force pushed me against the wall; I had no control of the direction it was moving me. When I was a certain distance away from the portal the grip of the unseen force was loosened; then I just moved back where I was and continued to exteriorize energy on the portal’s entrance.

Each time I exteriorized energy at the portal each time I was being pushed back away from it.  There was a cool breeze and a bright light coming from the portal; still being moved out the way each time I exteriorize energy over the portal. I don’t know how long this happened but I found myself at the apartment’s front door letting in three unidentified male entities that came into the room then they disappeared. Then an unidentified extra-physical conscience started talking to me; it said that those three people are dead; and that they used to stay in the room; they come back from time to time.

I saw that I lent one of them some money, and he returned the profit to me. Then I found myself in a library where an artist’s work was on display. I realized that one of the three men was the original artist that created the work. He was upset that the artist putting on the display took his work and passed it off has his own. Then I saw that there was an agreement between both artists. The artist putting on the display was supposed to have given all credits to the artist that created the work however the artist putting on the display did not give any credit to the creating artist. And to top it off the artist putting on the display was benefiting from the work. So another negotiation was in progress; when the negotiation was concluded I saw that the artists exchanged positions. Now the artist putting on the display name was no longer on the works; and that the picture of the artist who created the work appeared on all the works he created;  also the artist who put on the display attempting to pass the works as his own was banished to the ocean.  I was at the ocean and the artist who put on the display was there waiting and making plans to trick somebody else so that he could be in another environment.

I couldn’t help think that I was being cautioned that I was a target to be tricked into entering into a contract with an extra physical being. Now that I’m aware of it that I must be careful not to make any agreements even if I will get some type of personal benefit. It may cost me in the long run.   

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