Arriving Late


This is another that I still ponder even though the events what took place seemed choreographed and I wasn’t the choreographer.

It all started when I went to bed late around 3:40 am; it was raining outside and I closed my eyes and did some energy exercise; after that I was either projected or I fell into a regular lucid dream state; I’m not sure which was the case. All I know is that I found that I was in one of the open bay barracks at Camp Smith. There was a T.V set in the barracks; I plugged in my head phones to listen to a T.V program while I slept. I did not know what was going to be on, so I reached for the T.V guide and when I flipped through the pages the only programs that was listed in the T.V guide was “astral projection.” All I did was to keep the T.V on, and use the sleep program technique and listened to the induction or projection instruction while I slept.

At the point where I was listening to the induction/instruction the background became black; then I found myself in the back seat of a car covered in the sheet that was on the bed. There was someone seating with me in the rear seat of the car. I saw that the car passed a checkpoint; the person seating in the rear with me told me to keep down. The person at the checkpoint said the car could proceed; when the car was waved on I peeped out the side of the sheet and I saw the car’s driver and the person in the front passenger seat. The driver turned around, and reached for a bottle of water; after the driver turned back around, I saw that the car made a left turn, and was on a road under an evaluated train tracks. I recognized the route; the car stopped and the driver taped me with the water bottle and said that we have arrived.

After we got out of the car, I saw one of the car’s occupants was someone that was in my psychology class. It seemed that we were supposed to show up at a business opportunity meeting, however we were late. An organizer stated that he was waiting for us, but the meeting had to start.  We put our name down in the register book for the next meeting which was, supposed to have started after the current one finished.

When the current meeting was over, there was a brief pause before the speaker came out and announced that he has cancelled the upcoming meeting because it was late and there wasn’t enough people to have a full meeting. Some of us were upset that we traveled all this way for nothing. We did not want to return tomorrow, because we have things to do.

I noticed that there were some people hanging at the arch of the Queensboro  Bridge (aka Edward I Koch Bridge) I got the perception that the hanging people served as a warning not to enter. Then we went back into the car and left.

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