Space Debris

After doing the vibrational state exercise I found that I was outside of the body when

I started to hear some reggae music playing then I heard asong that I have never heard before, remembering the music, I seem to be humming it in my head, I found that I was floating high above the planet. I could see the earth; however it did not look as vivid and spectacular as it looked the last time I was hovering above the earth. I saw variations of the blue, but the land looked black, and there was a gray mist. It looked as though I was guiding a space capsule to the ground as I was descending back to earth, I could hear the reports being transmitted; upon reaching the atmosphere, I felt a cold substance that had wedged between my legs, at that time I wanted to see what it was, then I found myself back in my room and I had the object with me. It was debris from another project that a space agency left. It seems thatthere is a lot of debris that has polluted the earth’s atmosphere; left there by all those satellite launchings over the years.  I hope one day that we as humans will recognize this and clean it up.

 I was back in the position where I left off. Then upon entering the earth, I touched down in a body of water; from there I left that capsule and returned to my room

Form that time; I perceived an extra physical conscience that was telling me that they wanted me to keep in contact with them when I go to Iraq. It was a strange thing because they were saying how I am able to contact them; and  I even got a picture that I was to send an e-mail to them. The e-mail would be sent mentally (we could call it m-mail). As I do not know any names of these consciouness or under which circumstances that I  should contact them however I am under the impression that the situation will reveal itself in time and that I would recall the contact information when I need to.

This experience happened  during the time when I was in the pre-deployment training before being sent to participate in Operation Iraqi Freedom II.

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