Street Cats


 I started to do the energy movement to reach a vibrational state before I retired for the night. When I reached the vibration state I felt that I could exit the body by rolling out. When I rolled out I found that I fall onto the floor; after I got up I decided to take a look at the physical body before I leave the room. When I looked at my body it seemed as though my arms were moving up and down. Maybe it was the effect of the energy moving around. I didn’t think anything more of it and I left through the window and was on the street.

 The astral street’s environment was similar to the physical street’s environment, except for when I passed the abandoned building; I saw one of those long construction rubbish bins. At the side of the bin I saw two cats. I went to the area where those cats were to see what they were up to; as I approached where the cats were, I saw that the area was illuminated by the brightness of my aura, and then I saw two more cats hiding. The cats were able to see me, and they were not afraid; I saw that they were street cats and they were hungry. This made me feel sorry for them so I decided to exteriorize some energy towards them; after I done that, I moved on.

I went across the street and I was floating back up the block, when I reached the fire hydrant; I saw a mother cat with her litter of kittens. It looked as though the mother cat was settling at that spot. I made a telepathic massage telling her that this spot is dangerous for her and her kittens; then I had turned my attention to something and when I looked back, I saw that the mother cat was nowhere to be found. I asked the kittens if they had seen their mother; they did not know where she was, so I imitated the kittens cry for danger and then I saw the mother cat running to see what was going on and she was in a defensive mood. I just wanted to see where she went and to see if she was nearby.

After that I had found myself back in the body.

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