Ron is what we call an almost person. He is a very capable person but somehow he cannot accomplish the goals that he set out to do. During school, he was almost the best writer in class; he almost made the swim team, he almost made Quarterback on the football team, he almost scored 100% on his math exam, he almost had a perfect attendance record, he almost made class President. In social circles it was the same thing. He almost dated the most popular girl in school, he almost won the vote for Home Coming King, In essence You can count on him to be there in the game or to give some sort of competition, but it always work out that he does not have enough steam to push him over the edge to the winners circle. The big joke among his peers was that if you bet that Ron would lose, odds are that you would win the bet.

Now out of high school, Ron’s “almost” streak continues. In as much as he managed to realize his goals to be in some type of position where he wants to be in life, it is still not enough to be among the elite, the movers and shakers, he just teethed on the bridge of mediocracy.

This left him wondering that being successful or winner in a chosen field has got to be more than just planning or meeting the right people in the field, or even having the right partner or Spouse/significant other who works to make things happen for you. Even looking at the self; what does it take?

He heard that “the starting point of all achievement is desire…. Having a weak desire often brings weak results. Well, Ron was a bit confused because he had demonstrated that the desire to do what he does is present. In fact he gave stiff competition against those who would best him and eventually come out as winners. Even his critics can attest to that; Ron ruled out the lack of desire as being his problem.

He heard that the action that a person puts out is the real measure of a person’s intelligence. Ron pondered that thought and concluded that action couldn’t be the real measure of intelligent. If it was then how come the most highly educated people in the world are not masters of their own fate, or even the leaders in their chosen field. They are usually the ones who are dependent on others if those who they depend on should suddenly withdraw their support, then where would they be in life? Ron ruled out that action is the real measure of intelligence as his problem.

Now he is hearing that a man can create whatever he imagines. Ron took a minute and pondered that thought. I’ve had to have the imagination to compete with the best of them. It takes a measure of creativity to make original moves so that your adversaries cannot predict what you’ll do. Ron also ruled that out has his problem.

Then Ron heard that one should process specialized knowledge. He thought that this is menial because if he competed against the cream of the crop he had some insight of how he did what he done. But now the sort of specialized knowledge that he is seeking is the know how to push him over the to the winner’s circle. It is the type of knowledge that a person cannot attain in books, or a lecture hall. Ron thought perhaps he would have to look inwards to his higher self for the type of specialize knowledge he is looking for.

This lead him to the concept of faith. Ron found that faith plus the vibration and energy of thought will be picked up by the subconscious which will interpret and act upon it transforming that faith into the spiritual which will be put out to the universe. Perhaps this has some merit. But what about all those people who go the church pay their ties and prey? Most of them do not receive what they asked for. I for one do not ask anyone for anything. I have complete faith in my abilities. Perhaps I need to consult someone in this area.

Ron went to talk to various prominent leaders of various faiths, mainly all of them said virtually the same thing that he would have need to make a donation before they will discuss the mechanics of faith. Those outside the faith he was brought up in didn’t want diverge any deeper then the surface unless he decided to convert to their way. They all sounded like charlatans and not of the highest order either.

Ron being a persistent fellow kept on pushing forward to get the answers about how can faith help him in the process of putting him over the edge. His journey lead him to a rather strange fellow by the name of Lewis C Fur.

Lewis C Fur took a liking to Ron and he decided to help him out. Lewis C Fur was one of those people who belong to a secret society. He decided to divulge Ron some of the society’s science. But Ron would have to convince him he is ready. He asked Ron if he is willing to pay the price. When Lewis C Fur mentioned the word price, Ron felt that he was talking in terms of money and expressed that every where he went this is what it came down too. Lewis C Fur explained, there is no where you can go to get something without putting something on the table. But, with the secret society’s Scientists we are not talking about a monetary price; or even any material object that man can manufacture. Those types of things are meaningless to those who will help you get that cutting edge. What is more valuable to them is your reverence.

Ron, thought this can’t be that bad, and told Lewis C Fur that he will to give reverence to those that can help him become number one in his endeavors. With that said Lewis C Fur took Ron to his group Scientists and they performed a ritual where Ron agreed to pay homage and give a scientific force the legal right to enter his home.

Ron was fulfilling his end of the contract giving reverence to those scientific forces. In exchange Ron was given the cutting edge. He wasn’t that almost man anymore. He was attaining everything that he desired. The kind of profession he wanted to do; they type of women he wanted to be with. Even if they were celebrities or someone outside his scope of life. A situation always araise where he would meet them and then he’ll get to sleep with them or date them before moving on to the next one. He manage to make the money he desired to have, as well as the home and professional repetition. All given to him because he does a daily reverence ritual.

But there is one thing the scientific forces cannot control whether those forces are considered good or evil. It is the free will and human behavior. The biggest problem that Ron has is that he is an arrogant person which he did not recognize; it is the real reason why he just couldn’t get that cutting edge.

Ron has never subscribed to any type of beliefs especially in scientific forces. Even though he is in a contract with one. After attaining his personal success, he is now under the impression that the daily reverence does not suffice. Ron thinks that the he just needed that push to get the cutting edge and now that he has it, nothing else matters.
When he stopped fulfilling his end of the contract everything seemed fine at first, he was still making the money, getting the women and professionally respected. But then the scientific forces started to become restless and infested Ron’s home. Ron was under spiritually warfare. Everything started to unravel. Whatever he desired was no longer being fulfilled. No more women of his dreams, he started to lose money and his professional repetition was now worse then a criminal.

Finally Ron went out and sought out Lewis C Fur; who was delighted to see him. In fact Lewis C Fur was expecting him. Once in the secret society chambers where Ron had been once before, it was revealed that the society knew he would falter on the contract and that now they have the legal right to his soul and that due to his misguided arrogance he will never leave the society’s chambers and that the scientific forces will feed off him even after he cross over from the physical.

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