More Deception


I decided to us a relaxation audio recording called “Deep Sleep;” to see what type of effect that will happen. While I played the audio recording it wasn’t long before I felt that I was going into a trance state; after entering the state I started to perceive that some extra physical consciences had entered the room. They were in the form of animals; dogs. Then I felt that one of the dogs put my right hand in its mouth, then after a while it released the grip and moved on; then a second one took my right hand in its mouth, and done the same thing; they left through the windows. The third one came; this one was larger than the others, he took a hold of my right hand in his mouth like the others did; except for  after he was charged up with energy, he grew even larger, and barked when he made his exit by jumping out the window.

 However, while this third dog was holding my hand in his mouth, I looked to my right, and I noticed that the light in the other room had been turned on; before I meditated to the “Deep Sleep” audio I turned off all of the lights.  In as much as I noticed this phenomenon of the lights being on I did not think much of it until after the third dog left. The fourth dog took a hold of my hand and then all of a sudden the room door opened and I saw a figure that looked like my brother P.

 He came in and announced that he was home. I noticed that when the room door opened, there was no light in the adjacent room and I could see other small figures running around what seem to be a table in the middle of the adjacent room (It was a though I could see further then I normally do). I was pretty annoyed that this extra physical being appeared in the form of P and entered my room how it did interrupting the assistance that I was giving to the beings that appeared as dogs.

 Furthermore, I did indeed believe that I was actually talking to P. I asked him what he was doing here. He answered for me to remember that I gave him a key to the apartment so that he could come in whenever he wanted. Then I said that if I had given him the key to the apartment that was one thing; but into my room uninvited was another thing. I told him that if he wanted to come into my room he should have knocked the door first because the room is private.

Then I saw that he pulled down a bed that was leaning up against the wall (that bed did not exist in reality) and was lying on that bed.  I saw the other extra physical beings in the other dark room were looking in and I did not feel the presence of the dogs anymore.

This marks the first time that another extra physical being had interrupted me while other extra physical beings were in the same room with me.
I believe that I was being tested by that extra physical being who was attempting to trick me into giving him the right to enter my room when he felt like entering. Thinking that taking the form of my brother P my guard would be let down so that I would give him the legal permission he needed to do whatever he wanted.  I believe that was an ulterior motive in his actions and that the other extra physical beings that was in the room would have infested themselves if I would have given him the right to enter my room when he pleased.

One need to remember that there is a measure of power that the physical beings have over the extra physical and that the only advantage that the extra physical being have is that they are unseen, sometimes unheard giving them the element of surprise which can startle, surprise and depending on the belief of the physical being, put a measure of fear which is enough to get the upper hand.

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