Neutral Ground


Lieutenant; we’ve been camped here for the past week; the men are getting restless. Sargent; everything is on a need to know basis. But I can tell you this; we are involved in a large operation be on your P’s and Q’s. Tell the men to sit tight until we get the orders to move. Lieutenant; I’ve been in Nam twice before this; I know exactly where we are. The border of Cambodia; Savay Rieng to be exact; Do you know about the village bar nearby? It is understood between the VC and us that it is neutral ground. We can go have a drink, play cards, get laid and relax a little without having to worry about being attacked as long as we get in and out between 2300 and 0200. How about it Lieutenant; let’s take 1st squad tonight and 2nd squad tomorrow night to boost their morale.

© 2018 All Rights Reserved

For What Peg Man Saw flash fiction challenge of 150 words or less. This week’s prompt is Savay Rieng Provience, Cambodia.

The idea for this  fiction was inspired by 1970 incursion into Cambodia. Below is President Nixon’s address to the nation on the decision




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