Energy Barrier


Meditation can yield some interesting subjective experiences. Perhaps those experiences are tied to what is going on in a person’s everyday life. It may be an indicator of the person’s spiritual development. Perhaps the sound minded person will have a different experience then someone who is not a sound minded person. Some people are not ready for what the subconscious allows them to perceive. In this case I am still evaluating this experience.

While going through the motions of using the self-hypnosis technique (see journal entries here); as I submerged myself and started to have a subjective experience; it started off when I saw a line of people descending from a source above; they were moving down one by one. As if they were going directly inside my head. I felt that this was some type of intrusion so I put up an energy barrier to stop them from going into my head. The energy barrier disrupted them; however it did not stop them. I did not know if it was the order of things, but it looked as though these people were on an assembly line.

Afterwards there was a slight view of blackness; when I saw a large snake coming out of a walled fort.  I did not know what the snake’s intentions were. It looked as though the snake was going to bite me, so I but up another energy barrier; I saw the barrier that I produced contained the snake. Then the scene changed and I had an aerial view of the fortress.  I started to exteriorize energy to seal the snake inside the fort.  While the snake was being sealed in the fort; it telepathically sent me a message;  I heard it’s voice say, “you should tell D what you have done.”

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