Sometimes when an experience takes place the magnitude of the experience isn’t recognized until after the fact. In this case it was weeks before I got a conscious understanding of the events. The events that took place were recorded immediately upon rising while the experience was fresh in my mind.

While was lying in bed and not too sure what time of the night it was, but I suspect it was around 2:00-2:30; I saw that there was a light that semi illuminated the room like what comes from a television; after that it looked as though I was watching T.V with Internet access. Then someone appeared and asked me what I was watching; I could not tell because I could only hear sounds coming from the T.V. so I told the presence that I am going to get my digital camera and connect it so that I could have complete access to the site that was on.

I had the camera in my hand (even though I did not get out of bed to get it), and connected it to the T.V. Once the camera was connected I saw that the T.V site was a porno site and that there was a couple doing sexual acts with each other. Then the person next to me said “mother is coming turn it off.”  I felt a presence on my left side when the T.V. was taken and the person that was originally with me said that he is being sent upstairs; after that I don’t know what happened but I felt that we must have been at another location; then he came back to me and said that the mother was giving back the T.V.

I felt as though the presence on my left side was throwing the boxed object, which landed on my left side but closer to me. I did not want anything close to me on my left side so I told the mother to put it on my right side; then I felt the object go through the air and it landed on the right side of the bed.

The person that was with me started to tell me that he gets in involved in conflicts and he started showing me his weapons.  He showed me the ones he had on his waist, and upper side. Then he said if those weapons are not effective enough he has other concealed weapons. He showed me the weapons under his shirt, and on his ankle and at the side of his legs.  The figure of the person was black; the black silhouette was dense; then all of a sudden I felt that he jumped from my left side to my right side. The physical built of the person change from being slim to being husky; then he told me that he had been killed and that he needed to move on. At that point I became more aware of what was going on; and I said to myself, “I must have been talking to this dead man all along,” I understood what needed to be done and put my right arm above my head in the direction where the man was and started to exteriorize energy towards him; as the energy was building up, I felt my hand been grabbed and then the person disappeared.

After that took place I started to see a scene; it was in a cave like environment and there was a class of life guards being trained. A member of the class was being told to get more practice if he wanted to succeed; as he was getting out the water there was a baby maybe about 2 ½ years old; he slapped the guard on the head and after the guard came out the water, the baby jumped in; instead of hitting the water he hit a rock then slide in the water. The life guard was unaware what happened until he was told by his partner that was with him. The lifeguard jumped in the water in search of the baby; after that I found that I was back in bed. Then I heard a voice say that they did not make it; and that they were still down there; so I exterorize some energy on the floor.

Another presence came along looking for some help to move on; I exteriorized some energy to that being so that he will move on. Then I heard the voice said that I must go down and retrieve the lifeguard and the victim. I went into the water and retrieved both bodies; after retrieving the bodies, I exteriorized energy to both of them, and they disappeared.

 I need to pay more attention to what is going on around me. I could have picked up on the signs that I was having a projected experience, before the being got assertive about wanting to leave.

I came to the conclusion that “mother” was a higher conscious assisting in the process.

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