Short Intermission

intermission 2

Back in the grind at the government office where I do the duties tasked to me in my job as a government bureaucrat I went felt a bit fatigue dealing with the type of people that comes to the government office seeking some type pf government assistance. Sometimes the people are like energy Vampires sucking one’s energy that takes a toll on a person and physically manifest as stress and the effects that is stress related. I take a short intermissions to replenish my energy it is one way to fight off the physical stress and create an energetic self-defensive form the human energy Vampires.

As I was in the lounge resting I started to do the vibrational state when I heard some of my fellow government bureaucrats starting to talk outside the lounge’s door. While they were talking I heard another voice; I haven’t heard did person’s voice before it did not belong to any of the fellow gov’t bureaucrats that were talking. The voice said, “We are not supposed to be sleeping in the lounge.”  Then I noticed that there were some other people in the lounge with me. They were sitting close to me. There must have been at least four women. One was in a chair next to me, on my left side. She was resting her head on my left shoulder. There was another woman on the left side of the woman next to me. There was another woman sitting in my lap. As the conversation that my fellow  gov’t bureaucrats was carrying on the words that I had heard was that, “we shouldn’t be here,” and that they are waiting at the entrance until we leave. Since I did not care what my fellow gov’t bureaucrats thought, I had already made up my mind to leave the lounge when I feel like leaving it despite what any say.

Then woman that was sitting in my lap turned around; she was wearing a long green skirt or dress, her hair was dark, either dark raven, or silky dark brown. She whispered into my ear a question. She had asked, “What are you doing?”

The question made me think, what she is talking about. Then I noticed that one of my hands was under her dress and that she was talking about removing my arm from under the dress. So I apologized.

After that I came out of the altered state and feeling energized I got up to leave the lounge. When I was leaving, the fellow gov’t bureaucrats that were talking outside had moved away and returned to their desk. I did not see who they were. Also I did not see which direction that had gone. It was like they were positioned to be where they were and when it was time for me to leave they were positioned to leave. Perhaps who I thought was there might not have even been there.

Then it occurred to me that I should have exteriorized energy, and the questions that the woman  asked me was maybe it was to get me to be more lucid and to pay attention when I am interacting with extra physical beings.

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