Lounge II

gathering 3

Back at the gov’t office where I spend my days doing my gov’t bureaucratic duties on this particular day I was feeling a little fatigue around 3:00pm so I had decided to go to the third floor lounge to put myself into a relaxed state so that the body could fight off the fatigue. After I sat down to start off  I took three deep breaths and the body became more relaxed then I started to circulate the energy to raise my vibrational state;  it was not long before I saw that the furniture that was in the lounge appear to be set different. The tables were parallel to each other, and there were three of them. In the physical world there are only two tables and they are adjacent to each other. Then I saw somebody come into the lounge; a female and she sat down around the table that was opposite to where I was. Then I saw that some other people started to come into the lounge; this time two people entered; then another person entered; and so forth until there was about eight to ten people who were in the lounge sitting around the three tables engaging in conversation like they were taking a break.

Then there was a woman sitting next to me and she was telling me that she was here because of a killing that she had done. She started telling me the event of the killing, then I heard someone from the physical come into the lounge, and it interrupted my altered state, so as I opened my eyes to see who had come into the lounge. Contact with those extra physical beings, or earth bound spirits disappeared. Then I realized that nobody physically had walked into the lounge. I had put myself back into the relaxed state again, however I could not get the same degree of relaxation that I had before; and I did not perceive anything in the extra physical.

I noticed that sometimes I have contact with these beings that something always happen that make me break my state. I have reason to believe that the attempts to break my states are coming from unknown extra physical forces. They create a deceptive interruption that  leads me to think that someone from the physical world is coming in to intrude on my relaxation sessions. It is a challenge that I would have to overcome.

As I was going up the stairs back to my desk to resume my bureaucratic duties it had occurred to me that the extra physical beings  filed their way into the lounge the same way that they do when I am in the IAC’s office performing the basic energy exercises with other people in the class, and those extra physical came to wait until we start to exorcize our energies so that they can take whatever energy they need and move on.

 I realized that extra physical beings were drawn to the energy that I produced while doing the energy circulation maybe they thought that I was going to exorcize the energy. The next time I do the exercise and observe that extra physical beings have come into the room, waiting around, I will exorcize energy.

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