Scream Being


It was another day at the government office where I do my assigned tasks as a gov’t bureaucrat. I was assigned to be at the front desk; a position that I particular didn’t want to be in, but the supervising bureaucrats thought that I was doing a pretty good job in that position so they decided to keep me there until the regular bureaucrat who holds that position returns from the extended vacation she took. Sometimes being exceptional knowledgeable in every aspect of bureaucratic system in the scope of your position becomes a burden when the bureaucratic big wigs decide to use you to clean up after your fellow bureaucrats who mess things up or you have to substitute for them until they return. In this instance it has being a couple of days that I was on the front desk. But on this particular day after being at the front desk; I felt very fatigued; it was the kind of fatigue that I had not felt in a long time. It felt as though I was being drained, it was like all I wanted to do was sleep.

So I took some time and went into the lounge to do the vibrational state exercise and put the body in relaxation mode.  I found a comfortable spot sat down and started to relax the body and performing the energy movement. I found that the body reached the vibrational stage quickly.  Then I felt that I could leave the body because of the degree of the vibrational state.

Leaving the body was a gradual process. The energetic body felt as though it was bog down at the exit stage. I remained patient and after a while the energetic body became loose and was released from my physical body. Once out of my physical body, I saw that there was not a clear picture; I saw that there was a tiny opening as though I was looking through a peephole. I made my way through the floor into the waiting area. While in the waiting area I was observing the interaction of the physical people and extra physical beings. Then I saw a being wearing a black robe and its face was white and long. The being ‘s face looked like the mask that the killer in the movie “Scream” was wearing; he was the only being out of place.

An idea came into my head; I don’t know whether it was my idea; or the idea of a manipulating presence. The idea was to exteriorize some energy toward that being. I walked up behind the being, I’m not sure why the being did not detect that I was behind him; once behind him I exteriorized some energy. After that I’m not sure what happened, because I found that I was suddenly back in my physical body, however I felt that something had followed me in the lounge when I was suddenly pulled back into the physical body.

I felt someone or something physically touch my feet. I shook off whoever was touching my feet. While being aligned back into my physical body I saw the shadowy figures of at least two beings. I could not tell if they were human or anything other than human. By this time my vision was not clear, I lost the clear view after I had exteriorized energy to the being wearing the robe with the long white face.  I decided to do an energetic self-defense measure as a precaution.  I started to exteriorize energy to repeal whoever or whatever was there. I created a dense energetic shield; it was so dense that nothing could penetrate it; I saw that the color of the energetic field was blue; with each wave the shield became stronger.

 After the shield was installed I physically emerged from the trance state. After emerging I felt totally energized and the body felt light; all the tension and stress that I experienced before coming into the lounge2  disappeared from my body. The shoulder and neck area felt as though it had been massaged. In essence I felt totality relaxed. I also believe that if there were any extra physical attachments that the attachment was released.

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