In The Lounge


I was in the gov’t building doing my bureaucratic duties aa a gov’t bureaucrat until the lunch period. I went to  the third floor lounge to spend the time that was designated lunch time from 1:00-2:00. Instaed of eating a meal I decided to listen to Major Mark Cunningham’s Biznosis CD # 2 while  putting myself under self-hypnosis and at the same time I was circulating my energy level to defend myself against the negative energy that the clients brought into the center. You need to realize that they type of clientele that comes into the center have a negative mentality of hopelessness and are often in survival mode rather than having an optimistic outlook and thriving. The type of energy around people like that drains the energy of other people they come into contact with.  There were some fellow gov’t bureaucrats in the lounge, however they did not stay for long and left. Recognizing that the lounge was empty, I continued with my energy exercises, and I must have become more relaxed when I was the only one in the lounge because once my fellow bureaucrats left it wasn’t long before I saw that there were four people sitting around the table; they were talking and I did not recognize any of the individuals. Then I opened my eyes to see if anybody was physically in the lounge. I saw that physically I was  still the only person in the lounge. It was when I realized that the people whom I  saw were extra physical. I resumed doing the energy exercise, and then I saw an additional three more people and they were sitting around the other table. Then I saw a third group of people sitting around the third table. All of them were engaged in some conversation. I thought to myself, maybe they are waiting until I exterize some energy to them. I went up to a group of them and exorcized some energy to them; when I did that I saw that the group disappeared, I repeated what I did to the other groups and they disappeared. There was only one individual left; it was a woman and she was not pleased as to what happened. I exorcized some energy towards her but it did not have any effect. Since she was not pleased and I was having difficulty with her I had just walked away from her and left her where she was.

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