Sick Conscious

sick concisous

I’m still pondering to make some sense of what took place during this experience; I think that what occurred would not have happened without being involved with the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC). It seems that my activities with the IAC learning about energetic self-defensive, intrusion from extra-physical beings, intrusion form regular human beings, but most of all was learning about assisting sick conscious beings (extra-physical & physical); not only hearing the concept of beings who have the sole duty to help others but to experience and see them and being tapped to provide assistance.

First the events that led to me detecting three extra-physical beings in the room is too distorted for me to make some type of sense; however, I could recall hearing one of them say that I am on a higher plane. Then I raised up from the bed and was floating around in the air observing the room. I saw the three beings around the bed and my physical body; for some reason, I did not want them there, it was a defensive kind of feeling, so I started to throw out the energy in hopes of repealing them while I was telling them that they had to leave. I circled around three times, producing the energy that would let them go away. Then someone was running upstairs in the building’s hallway that made such a noise that I physically woke up which brought me back into my physical body.

After a while, I detected the presence of some other extra physical conscience come into the room from a different point of entry then the common one used; these conscience just came and started to grab at my body as if they were desperate; which had brought back that old feeling of fear that I am being attacked. However, I knew it was not an attack, because there was a pattern that I had felt before when a helper brought a sick conscience being who could not come by themselves to receive a donation of energy so that they could move on. So I made a command that they stop being so rough, and that there is enough energy to go around, then the aggressive manner that these sick conciseness beings stopped and that they were coming in more gently, at which time I started to extorize a donation of energy. The last group of them that came kissed my hand before they left. After that the rest of the night was peaceful, I have to remember to record the time of night that these events take place.

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