More Intrusion


It was pretty late when I arrived back to the crib, I didn’t watch any shows on television I just winded down and went to bed. Once in bed I exteriorized some energy which I was a required measure to be in in compliance with the intrusion free program (more on that in future entries) after doing that I turned and laid on my left side; shortly I started to feel the presence of a number of extra-physical beings; they were gathering around the point of entry in the room. Where I often notice where extra physical beings appear.  The point of entry is the drapes which separates half of the room. I felt that there was a lead extra physical being dominating the rest, and when he made his entrance he spoke in a voice that was similar to my father’s voice. Perhaps it was an attempt to deceive me into accepting his presence. One thing I learned if you don’t want any extra physical being in your place of residence your free will which can determine what type of energy you generate at that point could drive out these unwanted intrusion. But as one becomes in tuned to the presence of extra physical beings; the beings become more deceptive. The leader said in my father’s voice that the cat came into the room and asked if I had seen it. Then I felt someone touch me on my left shoulder; a tap to get my attention; when I reacted to the touch, and turned around, I did not physically see any one in the room, then I turned back around, then I felt the rest of the extra physical beings come onto to the bed one by one, and then they left. I did not pay them any mind, since I did not exteriorize any energy their way, they would have to come close to me to absorb the energy that they need to move on; but the thing that I did not like was that I heard them hit the floor when they jumped off the bed. So, I decided to terminate the interaction I got up and went in the other room to work on my website. When I finished doing the work that I was doing and went back in the room; there was no extra physical presence for the rest of the night.

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