I got caught up in a discussion based on the events that Donald Trump’s former personal Attorney was arrested and made a deal with Federal Prosecutors before stating that at Trump’s direction he paid off two women who Trump had an affair with to influence the election. One of my social media friends D.D whom I met when we were in High School posted the link to the news report with the comment:

D.D: Y’all ain’t doing nuttin but lying. Leave him alone!!!

Yeah he got responses from other people including our Track Team coach and one of our Track Team mates and others.  But my discussion went on the longest over a course of three days. My position is that the Special Prosecutor is conducting a witch hunt and wasting tax payers’ money. They have nothing on Trump, they won’t be charging him with anything; but they are focusing on the people around him. Over the course of the discussion C.C and B.C chimed in so I guess I ended up on opposing views of three people:

True George : I don’t get it if he didn’t pay off the women then the opposition will      use the women to influence the election. On the other hand the money was used to keep  them silent to influence the election. Are they saying whoever wants to influence the election should go to Prison

C C :Yes. Why not?

D D: Yes, if it is breaking the law

True George So if Hillary used the women to influence the election would she be facing the  same clowns that Trump is facing?

D D: True George I don’t understand your question. What clowns is Trump facing??

C C: True George how would she be using the women?

D D: C C that’s what I’m waiting for him to explain

True George: D D The Special Counsel and Federal prosecutors

True George: C C The same way that the Democrats is using Stormy Daniels and Republicans  used Paula Jones and Monica

C C: True George you mean he breaks the laws and the women are to blame? And the women would be getting used against him?

C C:  So he has no blame no responsibility?

True George: C C you miss the point it is they all break the law.

D D: True George LoL, you think Mueller is a clown, why, what did he do to be a clown. We  haven’t heard a peep from Mueller. Is he a clown because Trump and Fox says he’s a clown. Fox news is a terrible drug, my brother.

D D: True George Trump is his own man he did what he did, Man up. The Dems using Daniels??? When is Trump ever to blame?? Everybody is out to get poor Donny even the  ones that were mixed up in his coruption. ONLY Trump is telling the truth, everyone else are liars🙄🤔. Truth always prevails my brother. In this case it’s right in front your  face, it’s up to the individual if they want to except it.

True George: Trump isn’t going to Prison they’ll probably jail those around him it but I don’t see him being removed from office and jailed. They are all liars, no honor among thieves, no clean hands here

D D: True George two wrongs don’t make a right

D D: True George yeah but trump is on another level. Never have we seen such corruption. You  right he will probably escape every thing.

True George: It’s all playing out the Democrats and Republicans corrupt figures doing witch  hunts cause someone isn’t on their agenda dirty politics at it’s best

True George: D D we have seen worse corruption in New York State government

C C: True George you keep saying that others were corrupt… like that makes it ok for Trump to  be more of the same… ESPECIALLY when he ran under the claim that he WASNT like them… so whats left when he is just more of the same?

D D: True George I have to disagree brother, no we have not, never to the rise of this circus.

True George: D D the only reason for that is because it didn’t get national attention   Look at all those who was in the Assembly and House doing time or was kcked         out

True George: D D Mueller don’t need to be visible he is the one pulling the strings… just like that other clown Kenneth Starr

True George: C C Who is s not corrupted on Capitol Hill…sinners casting Stones at a sinner is not justice but a lynching

D D: True George what you talkin about Willis?? Evidence is evidence. IF He has not done  anything, then there is nothing there to find. Trump is a snake, and con man and you guys see it. You just excuse his behavior with whataboutisms. Just wait David Pecker from the  National Enquirer is gonna blow him up too. Fox ain’t reporting on that are they🙄. Oh well stay tuned via my page.

C C: True George so cops who speed should never give ticket or pull people over?

C C: True George if Trump broke no laws… What are they going to get him on?

True George: C C they should but cops don’t write tickets against other cops

True George C C They are witch hunting hoping to find something just like they did to Bill  Clinton, numerous hunts from Whitwater to Monica; they did it to GWB saying he was illegitimately elected but there were no laws to support the allegation and they tried it with Obama saying he wasn’t a born citizen and couldn’t find anything…The they is the opposition and their supporters and anyone who benefits from who are sore losers that their candidate lost…

True George: D D where is the evidence? who can trust the word of people looking to save their own skin? In general politicians and shady business men are con artists; yeah Trump is one of them no denying that; in this case he won the elections as was  predicted. Accept it this is worse then Hamas Palestinian Authority beef where one goup is mad they lost the election so they do things to undermine the elected officials. Liberals and Democrats crying like a child that was slapped by their  mother…

D D: True George man I don’t think you or any of his supporters don’t get it. I except that trump is the president. What I don’t except is his constant lying, bullying, racist,  braggadocious, hypocritcal, hate spewing BS rhetoric. TRUMP IS THE PRESIDENT OF  THE UNITED STATES. HE SHOULD ACT LIKE IT.!! Trump is not the type of person that I want my grandchildren mimicking, to each his own………I guess

True George: D D would you rather have someone who does not hide, say or do actions how he  feels, or would you like someone who put on a facade in public and behind closed doors call black people ni**ers and bully, lie and cheat. The Indians used to say “White man talk with folk tongue” Malcolm X said you can’t trust liberals Marcus Garvey said the same thing before Malcolm X was born…. the respectful whites in the community smiles in your face, shakes you hands, teach your kids, enforce  law and run the courts then at night time they put on a hood and sheets and terrorize and run strong black people out of town…….I would go with someone        that I know their true colors then deal with deception, trickery and those who     don’t have my interest in mind. Trump is the President, he acts like  Trump…There are other role models for to mimic…everyone knew what Trump was all about when they elected him..

D D: True George I would rather have someone who hides. The old saying what you don’t know won’t hurt you. Blatantly in my face, and still support someone, nah dawg you can do that.  My morals are a tad bit different from yours. I have listened to my mother and fathers experience growing up in racist SC. Dont need it displayed in my face by an Asshole President or any other bigot. True colors dont stay hidden, you can find a person’s heart by  their actions. I’mma stay in the field under the hot sun and suffer.

True George: D D someone who hides is more cunning and will serve you up to your  executioner without you even knowing it so you won’t be able to mount a         defensive. Good luck with dealing with those who will cut you throat while your          back is turned while they pretend to be your friend.  Even in racist SC they knew        what they were dealing with and able to mount a defensive when warranted. True colors are hidden from those who have aides and officials working to put the wool over the public eye. The average German did not know the camps existed during WWII thanks to Hitler’s propaganda machine. The average American did not know the Japanese American interment camp existed thanks to US gov’t control of war news. The average black did not knew Linden B Johnson & Richard Nixon were racist until their time in office was up and damage done. If I choose to stay in the field and it gets too hot I’ll make sure I can take a break and get enough water and get a decent pay for doing being in the field. At least people like Trump will be with it if they benefit; while those who pretend will put up red tape and let you suffer…

C C:  True George you mention lots of examples of not being able to get previous presidents… so the system works… why are you afraid they might be able to get Trump when they couldnt get any of the previous presidents?

C C: True George Trump hides his racism to be able to have the support he likes… but in secret   he is just as bad as KKK members. He had to be sued to rent to minorities… more than once. He paid 80k for newspaper adds to try and get 5 African Americans killed for the  rape of a white woman… which DNA proved they hadn’t raped…. why did he never post paper articles asking for white rapists deaths?

B C: True George oh so let it go.. because everyone does it! And why are we letting him go!! I want to hear you say it.. so you can hear yourself

True George: C C Afraid?? Don’t know what you’re talking about. I don’t gain or benefit whether Trump or some Democrat is in office. I will live life and earn a living  regardless….What is your motive

True George C C Like I said before everyone knew this about him before he was elected. Now I’ll give you one up…check out Trump’s collaboration partying with Mike Tyson, Snoop Dog, P. Diddy, Eminem..

True George: B C If you let one go let them all go; picking and choosing who pays don’t cut it.Remove all corrupted politicians from office. How much women did Bill   Clinton pay off during his campaign? They say Obama was a bi-sexual how           many male partners did he pay off during his campaign?

D D: True George you win! Your whataboutisms are unbearable.

True George: D D I just don’t understand that most think the state of black affairs would be in a better position because a Democrat or liberal is POTUS…

B C: True George can you hear yourself?  You cant be serious D D come get this guy😂😂

D D:  True George black affairs aren’t in a better state no matter who the president is. How is it  any better under Republican rule??

D D: B C I’m afraid he is serious

B C: D D  nagh he cant be? Hes just doing this for attention theres no way he can be serious so  let all the rapists go and the cops that strangle unarmed BLACKS BECAUSE IF YOU DONT PUNISH ALL YOU CANT PUNISH ANY….

True George: B C Don’t equate the Police brutality or being raped with removing the President  from office by equally corrupt officials…..That is an entirely different subject

B C: True George oh only some laws can be excused? Or is it only by politicians or is it whites who can do crimes and get a pass? When is it enough what would he have to do to make you say ok enough is enough?

True George: B C what kind of laws are you talking about?The ones that everyone breaks and  they pick and choose who they want to charge..If you think that I believe whites should get a pass on committing a crime then we should quit this discussion. It is  nonsense to have that assumption and I’m not going there

True George: B C what kind of laws are you talking about?The ones that everyone breaks and  they pick and choose who they want to charge..If you think that I believe whites  should get a pass on committing a crime then we should quit this discussion. It is  nonsense to have that assumption and I’m not going there

B C True George everyone commits treason and colludes with Russians and pays off their  mistresses with campaign funds and pays of the national inquirer to cover it up? While three of their known associates get arrested for various crimes and implicate you.. dont  know you bro but if you think this is normal you live one exciting ass life😂😂 And FYI if his lawyer gets indicted for tax fraud 9 times out of 10 he cooked up his taxes  too! But maybe thats why he never produced your tax return…

D.D: B C well see, I can’t understand why they are good not seeing his taxes.

B C: D D because if we push they might want to see ours! And they all commit tax fraud  everybody comits tax fraud but my scared ass😂😂

True George B C No charges of treason was brought up no proof of Russian collusion has been presented Not the first to pay off women or reporters. Associates of Clinton, Bush have been arrested His Lawyer would probably have gotten caught for tax evasion  eventually, he might have been on the Feds radar before all this stuff Face it the opposition are sore losers they getting people on unrelated matters to put pressure on them to lie

True George D D: maybe they don’t want their tax return public…..Besides all that was sorted  during the campaign phase

B C True George al Capone went to jail for tax evasion They let Sammy the bull walk on 23  murders just to get john gotti they got OJ for taking his own property this is what they do!! Now you want them to play fair?

B C: True George sorted? He just refused! It wasnt sorted

True George B C Capone had to go down; Gotti was bigger than the 23 low lives mob Associates that Sammy Bull whacked OJ did a dumb move he knew they were      after him for any little thing yet he wasn’t prudent in his actions and paid for it big    time

D D: True George Damn Dawg, you got all the answers, you sound like trump. You got explanations and DEFLECTIONS for everything. The special counsels investigation has not even ended yet, and your  talking about ” they haven’t found treason or collusion” How bout we wait to see what Mueller concludes. You say the same things that FOX news spews. “Maybe they dont want their tax return  public”, duh obviously not. what is he hiding. You know who else wouldn’t release there taxes  MIKE HUCKABEE and RUDY GIULIANI two of trumps minions. Go figure

True George: D D Mueller is a waste of taxpayer dollars just like it was with Kenneth Starr. After all the time and money spent with Starr the only thing they got Clinton on was that he didn’t admit to getting head in the oval office.. yeah we will wait and see that the outcome is a waste of time. Now I wouldn’t mind if they put that old scum Giullani in jail for being a douche bag on principle alone……

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