Protective Barrier


Back in the government office doing what I do for the government agency as a government bureaucrat and as usually interacting with the type of energy that comes in being in this type of environment; I went to the lounge during my lunch break to do some self-programming and install the vibrational state. I put myself in the altered state and was listening to the charisma programming recording while performing the mobilization of energy and installing the vibrational state.

The charisma program is a Nureo Linguistic Programming (NLP) concept to help develop a charismatic attitude or mindset of communication; a self-improvement initiative to become more influential interacting with people both professional and personal. Using the vibrational state will also help develop the energy that comes with being a charismatic person. The old saying is “fake it till you make it;” one can fake attitude, communication and behavior, but the one thing that cannot be faked is the energy. It is the output of energy that is congruent with the displayed emotions that is the determining factor that appeals to people.

When the programing recording finished I engaged in the energy exercise to install the vibrational state; when the vibrational state was installed, I saw what I recognized as wall that was built around me separating me from the lounge. I briefly came out of the altered state to restart the recording, and as I re-relaxed and re-installed the vibrational state I saw the wall around me again, it was as though the wall was custom built so that negative energy or possible intrusion and attachment of extra physical beings could penetrate it.

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