In the hustle and bustle of big city life a person can be caught up with the task of making ends meet and sometimes they forget about having some type of relationship with their fellow humans. For Harold it was like that; all he did was look to make a couple of dollars here and there. The thing is, Harold is making good money at his primary job working as a Manager with Blue Water, a private agency that has big money contracts with the government and other corporations. A lot of other people would kill to be in Harold’s shoes and making the kind of money he is making. But for Harold it wasn’t enough, the money he made only paid the bills; Harold felt that he should at least have some play money after he pay the bills and drop some money into his savings account.

Harold doesn’t recognize that he fails to budget the money and he lives above his means. Since he doesn’t all he does is look for ways to make more money to cover his life expenses and have enough play money. This spurred Harold to get a part time gig during the time when he is not on his primary job. In as much that the gig is part time the hours he put in at the second job balloons and sometimes exceeds full time hours. This often leaves him with no time to do anything else yet alone pursuing a relationship with someone because all he does is work. Some people may call him a workaholic; while others may say he is damned with all that money and no one to share it with.

Harold was fortunate that things started to change. While he was walking through the mall he sighted Lisa an exceptional beautiful woman. When he glanced at her and she glanced back, their eyes meet and locked. Harold was mesmerized and he just stood there with his eyes wide open fixated on Lisa’s eyes. She walked over to Harold who was paralyzed with awe, and with a rapid heartbeat; it was as though he was totality in a trance state. He only came out of that when Lisa blinked her eyes breaking the lock. She introduced herself to Harold and they engaged in a conversation that made time go by without them noticing it. This was the beginning of their relationship which benefited Harold immensely.

During the next couple of months Lisa and Harold was dating and making love constantly; this was possible because Harold quit his part time gig after Lisa who is a financial analysis schooled him on how to better mange his finances. This made Harold become a little bit more disciplined when it came to his budget and motivated to keep it under control because it meant spending more time with Lisa. It now seems that Harold isn’t so damned after all.

After months of happiness and thoughts that he has found the mother of his children; Harold’s health began to turn. It happened gradually when he began to lose energy. First is was infrequent, but it progressed to where he was easily fatigued to the point where he doesn’t feel like going out after coming in from work and would rather sleep in on weekends instead of going out with Lisa enjoying whatever weekend activity the city has to offer. Lisa didn’t mind she loved to cuddle and watch a movie on Netflix or Hulu; as long as she was doing it with him.

Pretty soon, weight loss started to accompany the bouts of fatigue and the bouts of fatigue became a complete loss of energy; so much that that he started missing work using his accumulated sick time. The Doctors had no answers or medical diagnosis for what is happening to Harold. He was sent to one specialist to another. One says his condition develop because of a loss of blood; the other specialist says the organs are not functioning correctly; another specialist ruled out cancer, AIDS, and other degenerative conditions. But they all agreed that at the rate that Harold is deteriorating that it will be only a matter of time before he will experience organ failure and pass away. They suggest that he put his affairs in order.

Harold’s Cousin Shelly came to visit; she wanted Harold to get to know her fiancé St. Victor the Haitian since it is imminent that he wouldn’t live to see the wedding. When Shelly and St Victor entered Harold’s home they found that Lisa prepared a good meal. Shelly was thrilled that Lisa was there because she wanted to get to know who Harold’s mystery woman was. But when St. Victor sighted Lisa, he felt an uneasy feeling which gave him nausea. When Lisa sighted St. Victor she shuddered. Harold and Shelly did not notice this because Lisa and St. Victor physically hid their emotionally reactions. Lisa quickly found an excuse to leave; and when she left, St Victor sighed with relief.

During the meal and drinks St. Victor noticed Harold’s physical condition and then he subtly started to ask questions about Lisa. He wonders if Lisa has revealed anything to Harold about her past; then he asked about his physical condition. Shelly and Harold thought nothing about what St. Victor was asking. Then St. Victor recommended to Harold that he should see his Uncle because Uncle has helped people with your situation. Harold asked, what situation and what can your Uncle do that the other Doctors couldn’t do? St. Victor said that he can’t elaborate right now but what do you have to lose? Harold agreed to see St. Victor’s Uncle.

Upon entering St Victor’s Uncle’s place Harold found it was some type of temple. St. Victor explained that when him and Shelly came to visit that he picked up a supernatural energy force and he thinks that the supernatural force is responsible for his physical deterioration. He knows this because his family comes from a line of Vodou Priests but even though he didn’t choose that path for his life’s work he is still sensitive to the supernatural and he wants his Uncle to confirm what he felt; st Victor said that his Uncle is a practicing Vodou high Priest and if I’m right he has the solution; trust me he has helped people in your situation.

After Harold sat down and his energy and spiritual force was evaluated by St. Victor’s Uncle it was concluded that Harold was indeed under attack by a supernatural force. The Uncle explained that a Vampire has made claim to him and that the Vampire is visiting him every night and is draining his life force. The Vampire left an energy marker to ensure that he is off limits to other Vampires who may have ideas. The only remedy to this is to kill the Vampire. He would have to take a knife and make sure the blade is placed up right on your chest. When the Vampire comes to get on top of you, the knife will piece it and the Vampire will die. Harold was skeptically but St. Victor and his Uncle convinced him to at least give it a try. As Harold and St. Victor was leaving the Uncle’s temple; he pulled St. Victor to the side and asked, did you tell him who the Vampire is? St. Victor said no; his Uncle said good, he has to find out for himself.

That night St. Victor got the knife and followed the Uncle’s instructions even though he was a skeptic. It was around two thirty (witching hour) and Harold fighting to stay awake waiting for the Vampire to show up; and just when he was going to succumb to sleep; he felt a slight breeze and a sweet smell of perfume filled the air just like the Uncle said it would. This was the queue to place the knife upright on his chest pretending that he is asleep. He could feel the Vampire coming close to him and just before the Vampire lowered itself to be on top of Harold; he opened his eyes to see what this Vampire looked like. To his surprise it was Lisa lowering down from the air to be on top of him, but the knife penetrated her chest and pierced her heart.

As the knife penetrated Lisa’s chest she let out a blood curdling scream and she disappeared. Harold didn’t believe what he saw and thought he was having a surreal dream. But after Lisa the Vampire left, Harold fell into a deep sleep it was the most restful and peaceful sleep that he had since his aliment. When he woke up, he found that he was energized, his appetite returned and he felt good. But his bed was covered with blood; he quickly jumped out of bed to make sure that the blood wasn’t his blood.

Wow, St. Victor and his Uncle wasn’t kidding around. Then he got on the phone to call Lisa to tell her the good news, but her phone kept ringing out. When he went over to her place he found that she was gone like she never lived there.

Now what he saw last night came back to him, Lisa was the damned Vampire; is she dead killed by the knife or wounded and moved on to prey on another damned lonely soul.

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