After writing down some material for the Nuero Linguistic Programming (NLP) page on my website builder I performed some speed reading exercises; my goal in doing this type of exercise is to increase the rate which I read to give me the ability to read twice or even three times faster then my present reading rate; that way I can cover way more reading material and get more information then what I can do now.  When I was finished I turned the light off in the room and put in the deep sleep CD which I sometimes used to help me induce an altered state to achieve deep sleep relaxation.

The first track on the CD was the sound of ocean waves; as that was playing I was performing the energy mobilization exercise. The second track was the ocean waves with some relaxing music playing simultaneously; then I felt the sensations that accompany the altered state condition. At the same time a feeling of warmth came up from the legs; I did not feel the air blowing from the fan. While I was getting those feelings at the same time I started to her some voices; at first I thought there were some subliminal instructions on the CD; then I felt the presence of extra-physical beings. Suddenly right next to me I heard a woman’s voice and she was saying yes, yes, yes.. At that point I felt it was useless to perform energetic self-defensive measures because since the woman’s voice was right next to me that my space has already been infiltrated by extra physical beings.

I figured that they had come to absorbed some of the bio-energy that they need to move on so I started to exorcise energy towards where the woman’s voice came from. After that she left the bed and went to the entry point in the room where I often see extra-physical beings appear and disappear.  I knew that there were at least three extra beings waiting for their dose of energy, so I raised my left arm and stretched it out towards the direction where they were. When I glanced at my palm on the arm that I stretched out it looked like I had some sort of eye glasses embedded in my palm; as I started to exorcize the energy, I felt one of  the extra physical beings hold onto my hand and  it was a very firm grip. Then I felt someone else hold my right hand, which was at my side. This came has a surprise, because I did not detect any presence of any beings on the right side of the bed plus the flow of energy was directed towards my out stretched left arm.

While this was happening the being released my left hand and then I saw a slight apparition of the woman; she was waltzing with a male, he had on a top hat and the coat had a flap on the upper back, they waltzed out of the room. Then I felt another being grab my hand with an equal firm grip, then feeling the warmth of  energy coming up through the legs, I exorcized the energy until the being released its grip and left.

After the beings left, I saw something that looked like a submarine, with green and red lights moving across the celling; then it stopped and lowered something down on a cable with some sort of probe attached to it. It seemed like it was taking pictures of me, or they were probing me.  I stood up so that I can knock the object from the air but I forgot that I cannot physically touch the object, because it wasn’t in the 3rd dimension. When I laid back down the object was still there hoovering pn the ceiling but the probe was not lowered.

 It seems that the extra physical beings were there to receive some energy; the next time something like this happens; I would attempt to talk to them and ask them where they come from.After doing some research, I found out that most of the beings that come to intrude to get some energy, are what is called earth bound spirits, maybe they were brought to me to receive a dosage of energy to move on, maybe they are attached to me, at this point I do not know the nature of these visits, whether they were there before, or whether they are following me, before I do that I have to be prepared for these visits, and not get too excited, and have in mind the questions that I want to ask the them. As far as the submarine looking object. It could also be a cigar shaped aircraft of an extraterrestrial in another dimension. So this has made me wonder if there is a correlation between extra physical beings and extraterrestrial.

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