Wasn’t Me

wasn't me

Could this experience have been based on reality where there are many people who do deceptive actions and leave others to pick up the pieces and have no regard of the effects of their behavior.    As I was sleeping, I dreamed that I was in a briefing room; I saw a presentation board, and I saw pictures of an object that had appeared. It was said that the object was seen by others, I do not remember what the object was said to be; but only that it was sighted and it was under observation.

Then I was in a building that resembled an old style military barracks; other people and me were split up and assigned rooms. Then someone with a big commanding voice came and was issuing assignments. Something must have happened because he called my name making me responsible for an incident that happened. I started to argue with the person; I told him that if he wanted me to take the responsibility I will; but he has to know that I did not have anything to do with the incident. After that I was in a room with some roommates, this is when we found out that the person was not in charge of anything; he just took it upon himself to organize things, and it didn’t matter if we were to follow the person’s instructions. After that I had a key to access the T.V to see what was happening…

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