Teaching Her A Lesson


Around 3:30 am I decided to experiment to see if anything would happen. Since it was at an early hour I’ve heard that the energies would be less dense being that most of the intraphysical (my fellow physical human beings) are sleeping and most are being projected even if they don’t know it. I had decided to use the candles, I did not do any energetic exercise; I used the basic self-hypnosis/ meditation techniques. I started out with the ten count breathing exercise, and then I started the count down from 100. When I reached the numbers 70-69 I felt the effects of entering in a state.

First the chair started to rock back and forth like a rocking chair, each time it went back and forth the angle increased to at least a 45-degree. Then I found that the chair was pushed up close to the candle and that my feet were touching the candle’s flame. I even felt the heat from the frame. Then certain the conditions started to change, earlier before I started I put a magazine on the table where the candles were lit; now in trance I saw that that magazine was now on the floor, and my glasses was nowhere to be found, (no glasses is needed when the Para eyes are open). Then something told me to look through the Plexiglas into the next room. I saw my girlfriend DJ who was staying with me tonight; she was looking through the glass, observing me doing the self-hypnosis/meditation.

When I saw this I had a feeling of being violated because my self-hypnosis/meditation practice is nobody’s business but my own, and I did not invite her to observe. Since I knew that she was curious about the process, I just decided to teach her a lesson so that she would not do what she is doing. I got up out the chair and  passed through the wall’  somehow I knew that she does not have the awareness to see my projective self. I started to stir up the pile of newspapers around her and she got afraid and started to run. She was chased back to the bedroom where I slammed the door shut after she entered the room.

After that I heard some music play, then I had passed through the building’s wall and out to the street. The street looked completely different; I saw two men on another building’s balcony; the building was the building directly in front of my building, they were looking towards my building at my bedroom window. When I looked to see what they were watching I saw my girlfriend DJ  through my bedroom window dancing to the music and she was semi naked. She was also smoking one of my cigars. The men stated that she was a wild woman and stated that they would like to party with her. I paid this no mind because I knew that she will not invite anybody into my apartment without my permission.

I went back into the apartment and back into the room where I was doing the self-hypnosis/meditation. Then I heard the door being busted open. There was a silver padlock on the door, which gave way after someone banged in the door. The door’s wood appeared to be rotten and there was a hole in the door due to the wood rotting away. I was attempting to put the padlock holder back in place, but the wooden frame around the door was also rotten and could not hold the weight of the padlock, and padlock holder. Then I saw that there were some other candles in the room. It was a metal circular frame with a bunch of candles on the left and right. Again I  saw the my girlfriend DJ, she was the one that busted the door open, and it looks as though she wanted to come into the room. Also, she was waiting for me because she wanted to go somewhere; I did not want to go anywhere until I secure the room door. As I was closing the door, a tall blond woman suddenly appeared, she was sitting in the doorway between the living room and the hallway. Then she disappeared, and my girlfriend DJ was nowhere to be found.

After that I found myself sitting in my chair, believing that the state was almost over, and I could see that the room’s physical conditions changed I thought that I was still in the projective state, I had gotten up from the chair and attempted to walk through the door. I found that I could not walk through the door, so I blew out the candles, and directly behind me I blew out the candles that were on the metal frame. There was an antique gas lighter or heater mounted on the wall in the back of the room, I turned off the gas. I done those actions because I thought I was back in the physical world. Again it took a while before it occurred to me that I was still in the state.

After that the entire process was over, I saw that physically everything was in its place and I felt energized. When I had exited the room, I saw the cat sitting outside the room door as if it was waiting for something, or someone. Yeah, I guess the cat wanted to be fed….

Everything was consistence to this location: 1) there are different frequency levels, which are accessed. a) Physical wooden structures which are rotten and old. Papers and garbage on the floor  b) There are different physical manmade structures, which I’ve have never seen before. c) The sensations feel the same as if I am in the real world.

2) The physical things such as the candles and location of physical things are in a different location as if someone placed them where they are put.

3) There exists an extra physical community living in our space on another frequency level

As far has the events that had taken place with this particular experience, I believe another being had taken the form of my girlfriend DJ. I do not know the reason why, and who was the blond woman that appeared? I’ve never seen her before; did she intervene on a matter? Or was she just simply passing through? I guess I would have to be more observant as to what is going on around me. I would have to learn to tell if I’m in state or out of state.

Regular dream:

When I went back to bed I Dreamed that a woman scientist was taking her son to the lab where she was to teach him how things are being operated so that he would be able to start working in the lab. There were some captured spirits they were housed in a glass cage. They were being studied. Then one of  the captured spirits weakened the glass structure, then broke it and escaped. It started to kill the scientists; the spirit also came up with a defense against being caught.

I did not finish writing this dream, because the whole thing was similar to what happened in the move “13 ghosts.” Since I had liked the movie I might have been thinking about the story line. I have noticed that if a movie or story line is in my head, there tend to be a dream based on the particular story. Even though the actions and characters may be different, the basic theme and story line are the same.

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      • I was living in a small village (it seemed like a First Nations reservation wayyyy up in northern Canada…very remote). We knew zombies were approaching and we were advised to hide and remain extremely still and quiet. The plan was to make them think the camp was vacant, then surround them and destroy! All night was minute by minute of waiting and fear.

        Many people opt to “hide” silently in the huge swimming pool. It was full of heads bobbing in the water. I hid behind a bed. Waiting….waiting….

        I couldn’t stand it, so I woke up. I laid awake but turned over eventually and resumed the intense waiting….

        Maybe, I should have this one anylized….

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  1. Hello True George,

    I am glad that you mentioned the movie Thirteen Ghosts because I forgot about that movie, and have not heard it mentioned in years.

    I think that I possibly saw this movie once either at my male cousin DE’s house or somewhere else, I can not remember it though, or I just heard people talk about it back then and maybe I am confusing it with the movie The Cell (2000) which I saw at my cousin DE’s house twice.

    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John Jr


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