Me Too

me too

It was in the dead of night when Jack decided to check the door to make sure it is locked properly before retiring for the night. When he was testing the door handle to see if it was locked, it felt as if someone on the other side of the door was also testing the handle for the same reasons. It seems that whoever was on the outside wanted to see if the front door would open. Jack was curious and it got the best of him. Jack became reckless and quickly yanked the door open to surprise whoever was on the other side of the door. When the door was opened there stood a group of people that looked more like a bunch of Jehovah Witness recruiters then a group of home invaders. Jack’s thoughts were it’s almost 11pm and these Jehovah Witnesses are still going around annoying people into joining their temple. Jack didn’t want to be rude and slam the door in their faces, so he asked in a stern voice” what do you want?”

The spokesperson for the group came forward and said in a thick Haitian accent that they were looking for someone and that they have been searching for him for a couple of days. She explained they’ve just reached this side of town and got a lead from some people in the neighborhood to come to this address and that they may find who they are looking for. Jack scratched his head and said I don’t know who you are searching for but only me and my family lives here; but if you tell me who you are looking for perhaps I can point you into the right direction. The spokesperson said that the person is a criminal and he has committed a crime against them. She said that the person they are looking for got their pride and joy, their beautiful daughter pregnant. Jack thought how bad could that be? He got the answer when the spokesperson mentioned that the unborn was conceived through rape. She said she we don’t know his name and we don’t have his picture but we have a description of him; when she described the features of the person who they are looking for Jack thoughts were “oh shit, she has just described my brother Kirk.”

Jack decided not to admit that he knows the identity of the person they described until he has a chance to speak with him. The problem with that is that Kirk left town a couple of days ago and no one knows where he went or heard from him. The only thing that Jack said was that who they described sounds familiar and that he will pass on the information to some friends to see if he can get the person’s identity. But unknown to Jack, his sister Fay was standing next to the front entrance and she heard everything the group’s spokesperson said. Fay is young and kind of naïve; she has a pure heart she thinks that justice is fair and wants to do the right thing. Fay chimed in and said Jack, what’s wrong with you? Can’t you recognize that she just described Kirk? Jack turns around and looked at Fay with the look in his eyes as to say “shut the fuck up.”

Then the girl’s father a big burly man steps forward and with his thick Haitian accent said you lied to us you know exactly who is. Where is that son of a bitch?  I want to have a word with him; tell him to come out or I’m coming in to get him; he isn’t going to get away with it!

Jack said that we can’t get him even if we wanted too, Kirk is not here, he left town a couple of days ago and he did not tell us where he was going and we have not heard from him since. The girl’s father snapped, you’re lying again and he made an attempt push pass Jack and like the Juggernaut rush into the house to look for Kirk. He would have succeeded but members of his group grabbed and restrained him. The group’s spokesperson said why should we believe you that your brother isn’t here? We demand that you surrender your brother to us. Jack said that even if he was here he wouldn’t surrender my brother without knowing your intentions. But, he isn’t here. Fay reiterated that they are not lying when they told him that Kirk isn’t in the house. The spokesperson said since ya’ll want to be stubborn we’ll be back later, and when we come back you may not like it. Jack wonders what do the mean that we won’t like it when they come back. I guess I’m going to have to be ready when they return.

Later that afternoon, Jack heard a lot of rumpus and chanting outside the house. When he looked out the window, he saw a big crowd of people demonstrating outside his house. They were carrying banners with the slogans “Kirk the Rapist, Me too, women lives matter;” and they were chanting rapist, rapist, rapist… The crowd of people attracted the attention of the other residents in the neighborhood. They came out to see the commotion to Jack’s embarrassment. The spokesperson looked up and saw Jack looking out the window; she said this is how we do it. Now tell that no good brother of yours to come out and face use like a man. He has fifteen minutes to come out otherwise the big man and his friends are going to bust you door down go into your home and drag the rapist out.

Jack got angry, he shut the window called his son Joe who was in his room playing video games and told him to go get the Remington model 7600 pump action rifle, while Jack went into his room and got his Berretta 92FS 9 mm; the magazines were filled and ready to go. Jack and Joe locked and loaded the weapons. Jack opened the front door and squeezed of a couple of rounds in the air. This made the demonstrators stopped chanting, and Jack announced any motherfucker that crosses my porch will get it.

Just as this was happening, three of Jacks nephews McCoy, Cisco and Miles pulled up to the house with some Cops and made their way to the porch. Cisco said that some friends in the neighborhood contacted them and they rushed over with the Police to quell the whole commotion. Jack asked how you involved in all this. Cisco said we know what upset these people, and we know the truth of what happened to the girl. The Police asked the group’s spokesperson and the girl’s father to come onto the porch so that they can clear things up.

Cisco said that Kirk did not runaway he left town because he got a job offer in Arizona; then he  explained that him, Kirk, McCoy and Miles were gangbanging the girl for weeks before she got knocked up. The girl never really knew who he was and she didn’t know who McCoy and Miles were neither. The girl only knew who Kirk was, and it was Kirk who talked the girl into participating in the gangbang. To prove that the gangbang was consensual a video was taken of the whole affair for just in case reasons. The girl didn’t know she got knocked up as a result of the gangbang activity, when she went to visit her family during spring break, her mother noticed the pregnancy. When she was questioned she lied and told her parents that she was raped. The girl had to tell them something; she didn’t think that the parents would have actually gone out and actively look for the non-existing rapist”

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