On The Block


Sometimes what we dream makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. This was one of those dreams that was Meaningless. Well this is my perception. But all dreams have a message I just don’t know what it is and how it was triggered, or what was on my mind at that point in time. If anyone can give me an interpretation I would appreciate it.

This dream is not clear; however, this is what I remember. I saw myself coming on the block where I live, it must have been around the holidays; there was a party in the bar down the block, but the bar looked like a diner. At the corner was a newsstand, the buildings looked like it was in the 1800’s, but everything took place in the present (21st century).

I saw that a movie was being made; there was a crowd similar to what one would see in a market place. I saw two people a man and a woman, they were the actors, possible the stars., they were in the middle of the street kissing. The scene was on television, there was a highlighted view of the area; then I see myself walking, I had on my black coat, black pants and a black hat. The hat was pulled down to my eyes; I was walking with my hands in my pocket. I said to myself, “That’s me. That’s me,” I only appeared in the scene for a few minutes, and then I disappeared in the crowd.

I saw the train line as it appears on Nagle (Manhattan), but I was in Brooklyn on Atlantic, I was walking in the neighborhood, there was a lost child that was in the street. It turned out that some people took in this child; the people were not members of the child’s family. The mother was looking for the child. I saw that I was aware of the child being lost. But did not want to deal with the family, so I took the child and dropped him off at the nearest police station.

The scene was not clear, I remember that the child was taken to the police station, I saw the mother in the street, but I don’t remember if she went to the police station.

The next scene that I saw was the block where I live. The only difference was that the block was lined with discount stores. I went in one stores, that store did not have what I was looking for. I go to a second store, I see that this store was half empty. I specifically saw a display of tooth paste, it was marked $5.00. I walked out the store; the store clerk was a woman that I felt that I had seen before; yet, I did not recognize her. I was on the Parkway,  there was train tracks, the same train tracks that I had seen on Atlantic earlier. Now it is on the Parkway.  The tracks seem to be connected together.

At this point I do not remember if anything else happened.

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