Mental Confusion


 Kevin asked Intern Joe if he could be his caretaker. The role of a caretaker would be to take care of a patient’s affairs in the world outside the Psych Ward; and to make an occasional visit to the patient to check on their welfare, and to make sure that their treatment is going well. It is a big responsibility Intern Joe was kind of flattered that one of the patients trust him enough that he wants him to be his caretaker. However, the Intern is aware that there are boundaries that a Mental Health Professional should not cross. The Intern said “before I can give you an answer I would have to discuss it with the Clinical Director Carol-Ann or with the treatment team leader Alexander.”  So, during the week Intern Joe caught up with the Clinical Director Carol-Ann and told her about Kevin’s request. Carol-Ann stated that she was glad that Intern-Joe told her about Kevin’s request and she said that it would not be ethical for him to take on the role as a caretaker to one of the patients. In addition, Carol-Ann cautioned Intern Joe not to get involved with this type of situation. Carol-Ann also said not to trust Kevin, and that he is a shady character ( and he may have an ulterior motive in mind.

Upon Intern Joe’s next contact with Kevin he told him that Carol-Ann advised him that it is not possible for him to act as his care taker. However, Kevin looked at Intern Joe and was puzzled; and asked Intern Joe what is he talking about?  It seems that Kevin did not even remember that he asked Intern Joe to be his care taker.  Intern Joe then realized that Kevin’s behavior is following a pattern that he has experienced with other patients. His experience is that the majority of the patient’s memories are compromised by the combination of type of medication that they are taking and the state of their mental health.

The majority of the patients have short attention spans, and the ones that do have some sort of focus their moods are also compromised. Intern Joe did learn that he has to earn the patient’s attention. This is done by spending time with them. There is so much that the Intern can do since he is not in the Psych Ward every day. It is a wonder that he gets somewhere with an individual patient.  It is difficult enough dealing with the Psych Ward patients because their behavior is not consistent and there is a lot of confusion and turmoil in their minds.

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