The Captain

captain II

 The point of view of this particular dream was in the first person (associated). This means that I was experiencing it as a participant.  I dreamt that I was appointed to the Police Department as a Police Officer. The appointment was through a special program where a college student got to be appointed without taking the test. I was the first person to get such an appointment. None of the other Police officers knew it, and it was not revealed in the dream if any of the regular officers found out.

I was in a patrol car with my partner, a female. A transmission came other the radio, and we raced to the scene. It was a car accident; all we did was cordoned off the area and directed the public away from the scene. Then the Captain came on the scene. He liked the way that we handled the situation, he especially paid attention to me, because I was the rookie. His name was Captain D. I asked him if he was in the National Guard because I knew a Captain D. The Captain said that he was not in the guard. He then invited me to a party. At first I declined; I said that this is a week day and I did not want to mess up on the job because I just got it. My partner said that if a follow officer invite you to a party and you decline, it would be looked upon as being disrespectful. I reluctantly accepted the invite. The party was deep in long island, and I knew that if I went there that night there is no way I would be able to work the next day.  I thought about the program and that the college is looking at me as an example so that it could pave the way for other students to be appointed.

Then scene shifted to the Captain’s house. The view was from 3rd person; I am now observing the events.  I saw the Captain enter his house; the Captain was drunk.  I saw that the captain’s wife was not too happy because he came home drunk; there was an argument and the Captain started to throw things because there was some talk of divorce. Then he then went into the bathroom.

The scene shifted to the Precinct house. It is back to the first person point of view. It turned out that I never went to the party. I didn’t go because I felt that I was too tired to make the trip out to Long Island. I apologized to the Captain for not being there, but it looked like he was not listening, it seemed he didn’t care what happened.

There were some other details, which I can’t remember; it concerned the next person who was appointed an officer.

Would you believe that later on during the day while I was serving on a Jury; I was talking with a fellow juror, and she started talking about how her fiancé cannot hold his liquor; and she talked about how he was asleep in the bathtub because he was so drunk he thought he was in bed. The picture of the scene in this dream of the drunk Captain in the bathroom flashed in my head…

The day before I had the dream I was reading in the newspaper called “the Chief;”  I saw the name of President of the Captain’s Union. This made me think of a Captain with the same name who was a member of my National Guard unit in service Battery. However, even though he was a Captain in the Guard in civilian life he was just a regular Police Officer Patrol man.

The Captain in the dream had his features.

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