The Saloon


On this particular night I had two dreams and each of those dreams was not related to each other. The first one took memories from the past and present and fused then together. The fusion was kind of distorted.  The second one had themes of a cowboy movie that I saw. One of the stars was Danny Glover. He played a scene that my subconscious replicated and I am the main character instead of Danny Glover. Then the story line deviated from the movie’s theme to a theme that was a product of my subconscious.

Dream 1

  This one was about my friend W. D;  I dreamt that his father had died in California. W.D came to my family’s house and asked if we want to go to the funeral with him. The scene was half in the house where I used to live from when I was an infant to the age of 13; and the apartment where I had lived in during my teens in NYC. The dream shows that I was still living with my brothers and sister; I did not see my parents in the dream. The dream was mostly in the first person. This means I was a participant in the dream. However, there was a part where it shifted to the third person and I saw myself purchasing the Beatles new song collection on a compact disc (CD).  I put the CD in the radio, but when I opened the package I saw that the CD was really a bunch of cassette tapes.. I looked at the 1st cassette, it looked all jumbled up and I thought that it would break when I press the play button. I decided to fast forward the cassette so that it would straighten itself out, I then pressed play; the music was playing, but I do not remember the particular song it was playing. Then my sister came to me and asked me if she could borrow one of my cassettes for the road trip to California. I said that every time I borrow someone my cassettes I never get it back. Then W.D came in and announced that his father had died and asked if anybody wanted to attend the funeral. I don’t know exactly how much of us said that we were going, but I said I cannot go because I already had taken off too many days off from work, and management will not grant me anymore time. I said that the only way that I could go is if I took an airplane, but I did not have the money to pay for a plane trip. I was still debating whether I should go or not…

At that point I do not know the outcome because I either woke up, or I had another dream….

Dream 2

The movie clip that influenced this dream

I saw a bar, it was an old style bar, I walked into the bar, I noticed that I was in cowboy clothes. I asked the bar tender for a drink of beer; but he gave me a cupful of water. I did not drink the water, again, I asked him for some beer, but he still gave me water. This went on for a third time, I said to myself, “he must not want to serve me because I am black,” I then asked him “what is the problem? I could pay for the drinks.” I then showed him the rings on my fingers. A second bartender said “give him the beer.”  But the first bartender refused. I took the bartender by the throat and said, “If you don’t give me some beer I am going to kill you.” The second bartender poured out the beer and slides it to me. The sheriff came in the bar to see what was going on. I told the sheriff what was going on and all he said was “I don’t want any trouble from you, finish your drink and get out of here.” After I finished my drink and I was on my way out through the door, the sheriff and his deputy was sitting at a table. They called me back and they asked me where did I get my rings from. I told them that there was more where the rings came from, he said that if I did not tell me where the other rings were, he would take the rings that I have. At the moment I knew that the sheriff was corrupt, so I challenged him to take the rings… Before the Sheriff responded I was suddenly awakened, because my cat came through the open room door and was jumping on the dressing table.

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  1. This dream is interesting . Its like a conflict between past and present and future asking for beer 3 times and being given water also , indicates this and water symbolically often stands for awareness or consciousness . The battle within is shown by the explosive anger and diff view points of a person by playing a character in diff person views
    . This dream is quite significant and indicates a current or future conflict both internal and external . That’s my interpretation anyhow .

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    • Your interpretation is good. This was around the time I experienced a spiritual awaken. I did not know it at the time. I also did not realize that water is a symbolic for awareness or consciousness. This leaves a question, were the bar tenders external beings attempting to measure the extent of my spiritual awareness at that point in time.

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      • Hmmm. The rings interesting too it’s like a secret internal power you have and they know and rings show a wholeness, an authority , a commitment , a circle of reconciliation and completeness .

        Also , shows you felt threatened by powers that be that they would somehow steal your inner power .. your rings ( refer lord of rings for reference ).

        The ego side of you thought ” they won’t serve me cuz I’m black ,” the deeper side of you had the power . I find this dream super interesting and read the others but ATM this one caught my attention and have read it few times . 🙂

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