Bike Accident

I was riding my bike when I came to an intersection that looked like two roads merging into one. I saw a car pulling out, and I saw another bicycle rider getting ready to pass the car on the left side. I also recognized that the other bicycle rider was going to be hit by the car.

To help the other bicycle from getting hit, I signaled the car, but the driver didn’t see me. I turned my bike to the left of the car to warn the other bicycle rider, I’m not sure if the other bicycle rider saw me, but the car hit me, and I fell off my bike, and when I hit the ground I was dragged for a couple of feet. My head hit the ground, but I didn’t feel anything as my head was sliding down the road while I was being dragged.  

When the car driver realized what was happening, he stopped and helped me up. The other bicycle rider came over to see if I was alright. The other bicycle rider sad that he saw my head been dragged and wondered if I was okay. I told him not to worry, I didn’t feel anything. That I got hit attempting to warn him not to pass the car because he would be hit.

After the car’s driver helped me up, we picked up my bike, we found that the chain came off. We looked on the ground to find where the chain fell; but  we could not immediately find the chain and we had to look for it.

After we found the chain and I turned the bike upside down to put the chain back on the bike. I saw that the gears was missing. There was no way I could put the chain back on the bike without the gears.

We looked for the gears but could not find them. I deemed that the bike was no good to me anymore.  I had no choice but to push it back home.

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  1. I was wondering whether that was real or a dream. Lots of bikes (both motorbikes and pedal bikes) do get hit by cars though! I’m always fairly cautious but quite confident whereas my friend Richard won’t ride his bike on the main roads at all!

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  2. I’m sorry about your misfortune but am glad you’re okay. Back in the early 1980s when I lived in San Francisco, I didn’t have a car and rode my bike everywhere. In those days, you could take your bike on the last half of the last BART car, so that’s how I got across the Bay. I never had an accident like yours, but one night, a car passed me and someone in the car hit me across the lower back with what could have been a wire coat hanger or radio antenna. It staggered me, but otherwise I was fine.

    Decades later, when my son was in high school, he was riding his bike home at dusk when a car pulling out of a parking lot hit him. He had minor injuries, but the driver crushed his bike. She brought him home and bought him a new bicycle.


    • Thanks for your concern…but this is an entry in my dream journal.
      One could say that it did happen, but only in my subconscious.
      Everything expressed was how it was experienced while dreaming. Even when I dream I fell down, or have an injury, I have a perception of feeling pain.
      Back when I was younger in realty I used to take many chances wilde riding a bike. Doing wheelies, riding the bike over makeshift ramps; riding recklessly on the street..
      Nowadays, I’m cautious while riding in the street, lots of crazy drivers out there

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