I was at a barbeque and it looks like the attendants were members of my National Guard unit. The location of the BBQ was in some type of field. A meadow that looked like one of the meadows in Central Park. Or is it a memory of the one we had in Prospect Park?

The scene suddenly shifted, it was in a building, a high rise that was overlooking the meadow where the BBQ was taking place. I was looking out the window, observing the participants in the BBQ. I felt the feeling that it was important to view the BBQ participants. I did not get a sense of why it was important that he BBQ participants be observed.

Then the scene shifted again, I was back on ground at the BBQ, I saw someone grilling chicken in a BBQ grill. Maybe another passing memory of the Battery’s cooks L & R grilling the chicken. I went to a table to get a plate. I saw that there was no food on the table.

There was another table with items, it was a couple of feet away from the first table. I went to that table and was able to put some food on the plate. Then I was looking for some drinks. I saw another table a couple of feet down from the second table. That table was set up good, and it had better food on it. The table was set up in a formal manner, with a tablecloth, and chairs around it.

I thought that I could put some of the food from that table onto my plate. But when I was in the progress of putting the food from that table, a woman said, that I couldn’t take any food from the table. Because the food was specifically done for a select group of people. The Army wives from that select group made it for their own families. The wives were married to members from B & C Batteries who were deployed to Iraq.  Leaving out the majority (pre-deployment members), the select group were the organizers of the unit’s events. I saw them sit down to have their meal.

I thought at least I have food from the other tables. I took my plate and a cup of drink and went up the meadow back to the original table.

Me and some other people were looking towards the location where the tall building that was overlooking the meadow. However, all we could see was the tree line. The building was no where in sight. I wondered how come a tall building that was overlooking the meadow and taller then the trees cannot be seen. We looked up and as far as the eye can see, we only saw the top of the trees.

Then a  helicopter came down to the meadow. I think it came to give the children and wives rides. I felt that I piloted a helicopter in a war zone, but was suffering the effects of PTSD. The helicopter Pilot allowed me to be pilot of  the helicopter giving the rides to the Wives and Children to make me feel better.

After the helicopter rides for the wives and children were over. I took the helicopter for a spin. I flew it at a great speed doing maneuvers that I did when I flew helicopters in the war zone.  To the extent where I got the attention of  air watch officials. But before they could scramble jets in the air, I pressed a button that sent out some sort of signal telling officials that I am an authorized aircraft….

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